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Game Of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams tried to sneak a kiss into every scene just to freak everyone out

Saba Khan



Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner couldn't keep it together during the Arya-Sansa reunion

The Stark sisters have gone through an uphill journey in the Game Of Thrones series, being loved and hated for the role they played. The actors who play Stark sisters, Maisie, 21 and Sophie, 23, met during the audition process for GoT way back in 2009, when they were 12 and 13 respectively. They have been quite close (as opposed to their antagonist on-screen chemistry). In a recent interview to Glamour, Sophie said, it was practically love at first sight, email addresses were exchanged and, “Honestly, we’ve been best friends ever since.”

Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams talk about their on-screen reunion

‘Mophie’, as they are adoringly called by their fans, have practically grown together on the sets of Game of Thrones; they even have matching tattoos! Maisie said that “Sophie knows too much about me to not be my friend.”

The Stark sisters have had their share of troubles even in real life. Sophie knows she can depend on Maisie for support unflinchingly, “Maisie is definitely my protector and I’m hers, too,” Sophie said. “I know if anything happened – especially if it was on Game of Thrones, which it never, ever would – she’d go crazy and protect me . . . Maisie is my strong home.”

An amused Turner added that “People always think Maisie and I are a couple,” Turner said. “I mean, I am obsessed with her, so you never know. She’s my drug. I’ve got an addiction to Maisie Williams. I actually stalk her hashtag on Instagram!”

Growing up in public eye was quite difficult for both the girls, but Maisie was grateful to have Turner by her side, “I can’t tell you the amount of times Sophie said, ‘Go to therapy,’ before I actually did,” Williams remembered. “She really helped me through some messy break-ups and some friend break-ups. Whenever I’m like, ‘I need help! This is bigger than anything I can sort out on my own,’ Sophie is my point of call. I think therapy is so important. You should absolutely speak to someone, even if in your head you go, ‘Yeah, I knew that!’”


In agreement with what Maisie had to say about their friendship, Turner added, “We’ve helped each other through a lot of mental-health problems, especially around body image. She’s been my crutch in that, and I’ve been hers because it seems everything she goes through, I go through. You know when girls are together a long time, their periods sync up? It’s like our emotions and personalities sync up, too.”

Apart from being there for each other, they also had a lot of fun keeping everyone on the set of Game of Thrones on their toes. “Even though we play sisters, we tried to sneak a kiss into every scene we did together to freak everyone out a bit,” Turner said. “It kept them on their toes; making sure they were following the script.”

And Williams thinks that they might not even be cast together for the same project for some time now. “Everyone on set is sick and tired of us being so loud and laughing so much. I don’t know if we’ll work together again. I don’t know if people would cast us in something together because we are so known for these two characters. Game Of Thrones will be some of the funniest days of my life.”

When asked about what’s coming in Season 8, the Stark sisters maintained their silence!

A dreamer who is an instructional designer by the day and reader by the night, Saba is either found hunched over a book with coffee in one hand or doing what she loves the most- writing. The only thing that helps her get through her day in the corporate world is her TBR pile.

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Some Tormund-Brienne scenes were cut from Game of Thrones Season 8





All the Brienne-Tormund shippers in the world, you were not all wrong. There could indeed have been more between the lovable wildling and our lady knight, except those bits got cut on the editing table. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Tormund actor Kristofer Hivju talked about some deleted scenes that he and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) had shot together – including one with an improvised monologue from Tormund’s end.

Hivju revealed this in a discussion about deleted scenes along with John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), Gilly (Hannah Murray) and Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark) which you can watch here. Hivju’s bit starts from 1:17.

Hivju says the scenes between him and Christie got cut mainly because they exceeded the time limits of the tightly packed Season 8 episode lengths. In his words, “We did a lot of stuff with Tormund and Brienne that they took out because it became too much. Well, you don’t have too much time!”

He even describes one of the scenes that never made to the episodes as they aired. “I remember there was a scene where I added some small monologues.” That may not give out too much, but sure sounds like some sort of intense conversation were going on between Brienne and Tormund in that scene. Add to the fact that Hivju thinks the left-out stuff was “fun”. In his words, “I think they took the right choice in the edit but there is some fun stuff laying around.”

If only some benevolent soul would let us in on those “fun” stuff!

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Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) says he was confused by the Game of Thrones finale




Turns out Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) didn't like the Game of Thrones ending either

Game of Thrones had been the most popular television series on the face of the Earth, but then it ended. The ending left a lot of the fans in a foul mood, with complaints of bad writing. Apparently, the fans weren’t the only people unhappy with the end. Charles Dance, who played the role of Tywin Lannister recently revealed he disliked the ending of the show, as well. Read on!

Speaking on Good Morning Britain about the series finale, the actor said:

“I was confused. I have watched as much as I can… I wanted to know what was happening to these characters…We come to the big last series, we come to the very end and I thought, ‘Hmm, OK.'”

“There’s little Arya going off on a cruise somewhere, poor Jon’s gone back up north, beyond the wall and then there is Tyrion. And all the people left alive are sort of sat around the table going, ‘So well, what are we going to do now, shall we have a cup of tea or something?’ And I thought, ‘Ah, I don’t know.'”

He also revealed that he would have loved to see Tyrion win the Game of Thrones and that it would have been a brilliant ending. Watch the video below:

Well, do you agree? What do you think about Charles’ opinion on the ending? Talk to us in the comments, don below!

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Sophie Turner reveals Sansa Stark never wanted the Iron Throne




Sophie Turner reveals Sansa Stark never wanted the Iron Throne

Game of Thrones has polarized the fans with its ending. Many have expressed their disappointment about Jon going North and Bran taking the throne, among other things.

It has been a roller coaster ride for everyone. Many fans, however, also reported their satisfaction about how it ended for both Arya and Sansa. Arya went on to explore West of Westeros, and Sansa became the Queen in the North after demanding that North should remain independent kingdom like it has been for thousands of years.

HBO releases photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne

ET recently spoke in an exclusive chat with Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) at the press junket for her upcoming X-Men film, Dark Phoenix. Sophie revealed Sansa’s real intentions never included wanting the Iron Throne:

Since she got to King’s Landing in season one, she never wanted that Iron Throne. She never wanted to rule over that many people… I think, watching how this character finished on Game of Thrones was the most satisfying ending.”

She continued to discuss her feelings about Sansa’s journey:

I love the way that Sansa’s journey ended. I think it was kind of the one thing that she wanted throughout the whole show…to be home and to be where she felt most safe and comfortable and that’s Winterfell. She’s totally capable of leading those people.”

Her Dark Phoenix co-star Jessica Chastain also approved:

I agree with that, Queen of the North. That’s better… There’s no Iron Throne anymore, first of all… But yeah, absolutely, I’d said that to her. I said it was my favorite, her and Arya, are my favorite arcs of the series.”

What did you think of the ending? Was it a fitting finale for Sansa’s character arc? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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