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Create for the Throne continues to bring more art to the collection




Create for the Throne continues to bring more art to the collection

Home Box Office continues its Create for the Throne initiative and this time around, it is back with four new pieces of art in contrast to the crafty expertise on exhibition displayed the previous time around. This initiative is HBO’s effort to promote the final season of Game of Thrones by inviting eighteen different artists to make something which represents a theme of Game of Thrones.

Robert Ball decided that making a portrait of the Oathkeeper would be the best thing to do for him. He decided to seek symbolism in his art and turned to make the painting out of shades of Blue and Red to symbolise the conflict between Ice and Fire. He then decided to portray the OathKeeper’s most notable moment which was the execution of Stannis Baratheon during his failed siege of Winterfell. There are many finer details to this portrait which envelop the story from Season 1 to 6 and even before that. For example, the Lion Head has been converted to a Wolf, while the red comet has been included as an omen of victory for the Lannisters. Furthermore, the fire has also been shaped like the Wings of a Dragon. This intricate piece of art has been quite well thought out and represents a deep story in its details.

“The challenge was really balancing all the elements so that it works as a striking image if you don’t know Oathkeeper’s story, but there are layers there if you do,” said Ball.”I had to exaggerate the pommel of Ice so that it could be seen ghosted behind Oathkeeper. I also had to make sure that Ned was recognizable, holding the sword without dominating the image.”

The next artist to be featured is Lena Danya and she attempted to make the Unsullied shield. She wanted to include water, the Unsullied, the ships, Dragons, and Daenerys; all to represent the house of the Targaryens. She referenced quite a few scenes from Season 6 and 7 and decided to make a chalk outline on the shield and then colour over it using oil paints. She reportedly wanted the painting to seem like a distant memory and hence created more of a fading scene from the ocean to the sky. She also wanted to capture the moments of stillness after a battle and used the colours of the sunset to portray the same.

“Working around the shape of the shield was a challenge I anticipated,” said Danya. “I’m so used to creating paintings on completely flat surfaces, where light reflects evenly. The shield was curved and had a protruding center point, so when it came to painting the top of the shield, too much light reflected off those areas and it was hard to see values accurately. With painting the bottom of the shield, not enough light was reaching certain areas, causing them to appear darker. To combat this, I had to shift the position and height of my easel constantly, as well as my lighting set up.”

Next up was Eva Eskalinen with her rendition of the Stark Shield. She started off with a digital painting before heading on to the shield. She wanted to include most of the symbols related to the Starks. She also wanted to represent the supernatural powers at play and all the remaining and deceased members of the Stark family. She further drew inspiration from Jon Snow’s ghost and decided to draw the Direwolf, with the palettes to Red and White.

“Being from Finland, I believe that the harsh nature and climate shape people, like the Starks — the individual grit, perseverance and the strength of the pack that are needed to survive,” said Eskalinen. “The Starks are all quite stern and serious in my illustration; the snow and the dark forests are there as well. The style of the illustration is rather graphic, borrowing inspiration from medieval art and Scandinavian design — which I hoped will bring out the rawness and bareness I associate with the North.”

The final work of art exhibited was the Longclaw by Laurent Durieux. He went with this portrait pretty much the same way he would go with any other portrait of his, by first drawing it on paper and then removing all outlines and digitally colouring the picture.

“I start by drawing some quick rough ideas on paper,” explained Durieux. “Once I have something I think works, I colorize it. When the concept is solidified, I start gathering all sorts of references and documentation in order to be as accurate as possible. Then I start the black and white drawing and final composition. The next step is the coloring and rendering with my digital cross-hatching. I delete the black outline by colorizing it. It’s very tedious and time-consuming but the final result is worth it.”

This makes it eight works of art out of eighteen. The next instalment should be around sooner than expected. Until then, fans eagerly await the release of the final season of Game of Thrones which is set of premier on April 14.

Image Credits: Making Game of Thrones

Founder at Wiki of Thrones and a full-time Game of Thrones fan who does other work when he has finished reading and writing about Game of Thrones and also dreams about playing a role in the show.

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Photos of young Game of Thrones stars from a 2009 Song of Ice and Fire book signing




Photos of young Game of Thrones stars from a 2009 Song of Ice and Fire book signing

It may be hard to imagine now, but some of Game of Thrones’ most prominent stars were absolute newbies when they joined the cast 10 years back. Well, we are here to help you imagine. Old photos of Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner and others from a 2009 event have resurfaced, and how young and cute they all look!

The photos were taken by Adam Whitehead, prominent British blogger and Fantasy/genre fiction expert. He was attending a book signing event in Belfast by his favourite writer George R.R. Martin. The HBO Adaption of Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire had just been announced, and the fans were super excited.

Nobody paid much attention to a small group of young adults hovering in a corner of the bookstore. Turns out, some of the actors were shooting for the pilot episode of Game of Thrones nearby and came to pay a visit.

Photos of young Game of Thrones stars from a 2009 Song of Ice and Fire book signing

They still had no idea if the series will be taken up or not. But the craze around Martin’s books that night perhaps gave them a slight hint of what was to come. In a recent interview with EW, Whitehead said,

“I think that was the first time they realized it wasn’t going to get cancelled after five episodes.”

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner – 12 and 13 then – were not even allowed to read the books because of their adult themes. Whitehead fondly remembers how surprised little Maisie was when he told her that Arya will become an assassin. He also informed Sophie about her increased importance in the story later on. She was gracious just as Sansa would be.

In fact, in a blog he wrote for Variety in 2017, Whitehead says that all the young actors behaved much like their screen counterparts.

Photos of young Game of Thrones stars from a 2009 Song of Ice and Fire book signing

Richard Madden was the most charming and engaging of the lot, just as the young King in the North was. Alfie Allen joked around much like the young Theon Greyjoy. And sometimes later a bespectacled young man came in, exhausted from a 5-day shoot.

The beardless Kit Harington looked a far cry from his screen counterpart. But his resolve to be with the team despite exhaustion was very in-character, Whitehead thinks:

“It was very Night’s Watch-ish: turned up, did his duty and took off.”

Photos of young Game of Thrones stars from a 2009 Song of Ice and Fire book signing

Well, Game of Thrones went on to create television history and the kids went on to become stars. Now it all culminates in the 8th and final season, set to begin on April 14.

How time flies!

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Game of Thrones Whiskey: Where To Buy?




HBO has collaborated with Diageo to release a limited edition range of 8 scotch whiskeys and Johnnie Walker has come up with its own tribute to the Iconic series. Now, you can show your allegiance to your favorite House by choosing the whiskey dedicated to it or buy the entire set. In this post, we at Wiki Of Thrones don’t just help you with the list of all the Game of Thrones whiskey available, but we’ll also share details about them.

We got more than 75 requests on our email address after we posted about the newly launched whiskey. It’s because they weren’t able to find out the authentic stores from where they could buy the real ones. It took us a while and after testing out a few online stores, we’re finally here with the list of whiskeys which were launched and the places from where one can buy it.

“That is what I do. I drink, and I know things.”

“The cold winds are rising and the dead rise with them.” But not so fast. It’s more than a month’s wait until we see the white walkers marching past the Wall as Winter finally comes to Westeros. While most of us are waiting for the magic, one last time, what can we do? Well, we can drink and know things!

Clynelish Reserve for House Tyrell

Type: Single malt
Alcohol content: 51.2% Vol

This scotch whiskey comes from the Clynelish distillery in the lush green pastures and hills of Scotland that make us think of the fertile Reach where Highgarden, House Tyrell’s seat, is situated.

The beautiful golden color is quite like the golden rose which is this wealthy House’s sigil. It has a fruity aroma with very prominent notes of mango and papaya.

As you swirl it around in your mouth, you can expect a flavor of tropical fruits, followed by creamy vanilla, sweet honey, and finally a smoky undertone to round it off nicely. It is best served chilled and on lots of ice. The Queen of Thorns approves.

Royal Lochnagar for House Baratheon

Type: Single malt
Alcohol content: 40% Vol
Aged for: 12 years

The Royal Lochnagar Distillery does have a royal backstory. In 1848, when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited the distillery, they liked the scotch they were served so well, that they issued a royal warrant to the distillery. That makes this single malt whiskey a drink fit for the kings and queens.

This amber colored scotch has an oaky aroma with an earthy feel to it. It goes well with Robert’s loud and reckless personality. But it also has the fragrance of sweet licorice to it that could be linked to Renly with his more agreeable demeanor. The taste is a wonderful balance between sweet and spice with coffee-vanilla finish and just a hint of nutmeg.

Talisker Select Reserve for House Greyjoy

Type: Single malt

Alcohol content: 45.8% Vol

This golden colored whiskey is from the Talisker distillery which is on the shores of the Isle of Skye in Scotland, much like the Iron Islands in the Sunset Sea.

It has a spicy, smoky, and peppery aroma which reminds you of the strong, proud, Ironborn who have a mind of their own. And you can feel the salt on your tongue as you enjoy the flavors of salted caramel, dark chocolate, and a little bit of chili and oak. The overall finish is smokey with a hint of fruit.

Singleton of Glendullan Select for House Tully

Type: Single malt

Alcohol content: 40% Vol

This bottle of golden whiskey which is dedicated to the Tullys of Riverrun is from a distillery on the banks of the River Fiddich in Dufftown. For the aroma, think sandalwood, orange peel and something sweet.

The taste is rich and fruity and the feel is warm and smooth. What better pairing than with the House Tully known for their understated yet strong views about Family, Duty, Honor?

Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost for House Stark

Type: Single malt

Alcohol content: 43%

The Dalwhinnie distillery is at a cold and isolated place in Scotland quite like the North which is home to the Starks. And this single malt scotch whiskey is concocted in the harsh, cold conditions which make you think of the Northerners toughened by the freezing temperatures and severe climate.

It has a floral aroma with overages of apples and pears. The taste is of honey and fresh fig, and a hint of subdued spice. The overall effect is warm, crisp, malt-like and totally delicious.

Lagavulin 9 Year Old for House Lannister

Type: Single malt

Alcohol content: 46% Vol

Aged for: 9 years

The powerful and rich Lannister House of the Casterly Rock found its match in the legendary distillers Lagavulin on the shores of Islay. This rich, intense, and classy spirit is the perfect pair for the proud and regal Lannisters. It has a sweet but smoky aroma and the distinct smell of the saltwater. The taste is a burst of flavor with notes of vanilla, caramel, banana, oak,  marshmallows, and a dry and smoky finish.

The complexity of the taste goes well with the complexity of the different members of the House – Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, and Tywin – all with a strong but distinct personality.

Cardhu Gold Reserve for House Targaryen

Type: Single malt

Alcohol content: 40% Vol

The Cardhu distillery was started by two strong women Helen Cumming and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth, back in the 1800s. Pairing the scotch from this distillery with another strong female character, Daenerys’s House Targaryen is almost poetic.

The aroma is light on the nose and will make you think of baking apples and spices. The taste is on the sweeter side with a nutty undertone and a hint of clove. Overall, it has a smooth, light, and dry caramel finish.

Oban Bay Reserve for the Night’s Watch

Type: Single malt

Alcohol content: 43% Vol

When we are on the subject of Game of Thrones whiskeys, how can we not have one dedicated to the men in black who are shields that guard the realms of men? The Oban distillery that is located beneath a cliff overlooking the bay between the West Highlands and the Islands of Scotland reminds us of Castle Black.

In honor of the black cloaks of the Night’s Watch, this golden scotch comes in an all-black packaging. The aroma is of rich and sweet orange peel and cherry pie. It has a discernible taste of wood and sugar with a subtle fruity quality and a hint of smoke. It has a dry, caramel finish. An excellent scotch and the opaque, black bottle looks great on the shelf too! And oh yes! Don’t forget to read out the vow on the back of the bottle before you open it.


White Walker for the White Walkers

Type: Blended Scotch

Alcohol content: 41.7% Vol

Do you believe in the theory that the White Walkers are actually the good side? Then this is whiskey from Johnnie Walker is for you. If you don’t believe in these theories, you should still add it to your Game of Thrones Whiskey Collection for the sheer cleverness with which this has been made. The white bottle, denoting the cold snowy winter and the walkers beyond the wall, is supposed to be refrigerated. And when the temperature is just right (read freezing), these words appear on the bottle: “Winter is Coming”. How nifty is that!

The scotch is a blend of the Cardhu and Clynelish single malts. The aroma is a blend of dried apricots, vanilla, toffee, and ginger. The flavors are a wonderful pirouette of caramelized sugar, berries, cinnamon and almonds in your mouth. Excellent addition to complete your Game of Thrones Whiskey set!

Where to buy the Game of Thrones Whiskey Set?

If you are in the US, you can order the Game of Thrones whiskeys online at

If you are in Scotland, you can buy from Drizly. Amazon has also been taking orders for the scotch whiskeys in the UK and some European countries. And Master of Malt delivers in most countries worldwide.

Guys, these whiskeys are limited edition. So stock up on some Game of Thrones magic while stocks last. If you know more places where you can buy these whiskeys, please share the details in the comments section and we will update the article. Anything to help wait the month out, right? Here’s to Season 8. Cheers!

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Game of Thrones releases a Behind-the-Scenes promo: A Story in Prosthetics




The official trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones was released recently that featured a number of characters and gave us an insight of the Winterfell Battle and how bloodier it’s going to be. While we had a number of things to breakdown and find out new details in the trailer like Jorah Mormont acquiring a new sword and much more, Game of Thrones has recently released a new behind-the-scenes promo.

The exclusive behind-the-scenes promo gives you an insight into the amount of hard work the team puts in to bring the characters to life. Barrie Gowers who has been linked with this massive project since 2011 and has been managing the makeup and prosthetics since the first season, expresses his says despite the hard work and a long time taken,

“It’s lovely to see all our hard work and all these things we’ve built actually make it to the screen as well, at the end of the day.”

Barrie also talks about the long working hours and spending hours getting the perfection to characters like the Night King, the Children of the Forest, and Stone Men of Valyria. He reveals:

“Just an average prosthetic makeup we usually say is about 4 to 6 weeks to build. We have so many patient actors who sit in our chairs for like four or six or eight hours at a time. So, by the time we usually step up on set to do a rehearsal, we’ve already pretty much done a full day’s. So to then film and have our fun on set making sure everything’s not falling off people for 12 hours.”

We’re already familiar with the prosthetics done on Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) to make his greyscale look lively – it was really a tough affair and no wonder the details put in it so fantastic. We wonder it couldn’t have been any less gross for Sam the ‘surgeon’ who had been obliged to help the son of his former Lord Commander. Undoing the makeup is a tedious process too. Barrie says,

“The de-wig in the evening can take a good, um, an hour or two. people are quite unaware of the length of time and the process that goes into these things.” 

The kind and quality of the good work that the team is going have shown a considerable amount of improvement as evident from the upgrade of the White Walkers when compared with Season 1. Gower reveals:

“Each year it’s got bigger and bigger and bigger to the point now with Season 8, where we’re sort of maxing numbers about the 70 or 80 mark on the set. And, in the workshop, we usually have a team of about 50 people. it’s a big department to manage. I think we’re very fortunate to have an accumulated a really talented pool of prosthetic people.”

So, when did this journey begin? 

“I got hired for Season 4 and we had only six wights filming and these were green screen guys and at that time, that was a huge thing for us. Cut to Hardhome the following year, where it just exploded. We had like about 40 to 50 prosthetic guys out there at any one time playing the wights and White Walkers.”

Talking about the Final two seasons – seven and eight, Gower says:

“When we found out about two years ago that there were only 13 episodes left, I think we were obviously gutted and distraught. But I think it a real testament to the guys [Dan Weiss and David Benioff] that they were stuck to their word and basically finishing the franchise when it should naturally end.”

Barrie ends by giving us some hope for the final season and says:

“It has become such a huge part of our life now, I think finishing off next year and moving on to a new project is really daunting. I think it’s scary probably for a lot of folks because we’ve just a part of this incredible family. The end is nigh, but I think it’s gonna be a big end.”

We hope the final season and amount of hard work given to the last six episodes would be worth a watch and beyond something we’ve ever seen in the history of television. All we can do now is wait for April 14 for the new season to air. Watch the full video here:

What were your thoughts on the prosthetics and makeups as Game of Thrones takes you behind-the-scenes to get a glimpse of the same? Tell us in the comments what kind of experience would you want in the final season?

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