Game of Thrones battleground: Here are the winners and losers of season 7 episode 1, “Dragonstone”

We are starting a new segment where we shall judge the major characters of Game of Thrones on their performance per episode. The judging criteria shall be based on whether they are successful or unsuccessful in their respective expeditions and their individual endeavours. So moving on with our first episode this season, Dragonstone. Let the […]

Director Jeremy Podeswa discusses season 7 premiere and the deleted scene between Tormund and Brienne

Game of Thrones season 7 kick-off was directed by famous TV director Jeremy Podeswa and now that the episode has finally released, he shared some information from the episode and also his notions on directing the episode. In a conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, Podeswa went to talk about the super-hyped Ed Sheeran Cameo. “The […]

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