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Architect submits proposal for the US-Mexico Wall based on the Wall from Game of Thrones

As we all know already, the real world isn’t too far from Game of Thrones anymore. Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, has been talking about his plan to build a wall on the southern border of US (sound familiar?), and the proposals for the same are now being accepted by the […]

Liam Cunningham says he would’ve loved to play the role of Tywin Lannister if he wasn’t cast as Ser Davos

Game of Thrones is a show with a roster of characters, and there is quite an ambiguity with most of them, when it comes to their nature. Many of the characters cannot be classified clearly as good or bad, with some treading the line between the two, frequently, while others having shifted to the other […]

Jim Broadbent praises Game of Thrones in an interview

As we keep saying every time a new actor joins the cast of Game of Thrones, the show has had an amazing consistency with its cast, and even the new additions match up. We have been hearing about a lot of new actors being cast for Game of Thrones Season 7, and we recently reported […]

Watch Emilia Clarke in the new clip from the horror movie ‘Voice from the Stone’

The cast of Game of Thrones is star studded, and over the years, even those who starred on the show in the early years of their careers, have had them skyrocketed because of the popularity of the show. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, is one such star. She has been picky with her other […]

New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard reveals his Game of Thrones role in an interview

Game of Thrones Season 6 was a hit, and it has been a long time since it aired. Season 7 will be airing much later that the usual premiere time, three months from now. However, in the meantime, we have been getting a lot of cast member interviews, and news about new cast members and […]

Game of Thrones fan theory generator yields theories crazier than the ones we have ever seen

Just like any other huge fandom, and especially those that have to wait long for the next season and/or book, the Game of Thrones fandom runs wild with the craziest of fan theories. Some of these have been proven to be true in the recent times, which is sort of a validation for the fans […]

New fan theory about Cersei’s death suggests it might not be as simple as we think it to be

Now, by this point, we all know that Game of Thrones isn’t even remotely shy when it comes to killing off the major characters. It’s so bad that now it’s suspicious if a character lives for too long, and we start to speculate whether that character will hold the throne in the end. Talking about […]

Game of Thrones lands a BAFTA nomination, faces unusual competition

Game of Thrones Season 6 was a blast, and well received by fans and critics alike. Since it aired a year ago, it has gone on to do very well at awards season, getting nominated for most awards it was eligible for, and winning many of them. Now, even as the awards season draws to […]

George R. R. Martin comments on the United Airlines fiasco. Says he’s “seeing red”

As you all know, the creator of the Game of Thrones universe, George R. R. Martin is currently working on the sixth book of the series, The Winds of Winter, which is supposed to come out this year. He often takes out time to talk about stuff, out on his Not A Blog. The latest […]

Nathalie Emmanuel says she’s excited for Game of Thrones Season 7 as Winter “kicks into gear now”

If there’s one show that knows how to hype us all up, it’s Game of Thrones. Right since the beginning of the show, when Ned Stark had his head on, we have been hearing that Winter is coming. It’s the shows 7th year now, and looks like Winter is finally here, and it brings the […]
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