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Here’s the little detail you might’ve missed in that picture of Daenerys sitting on Drogon

Game of Thrones had a good run with Season 6. Season 7, as we all know, has been on a delayed schedule than usual, and as such, we still have about 8 weeks to go before it premieres, on July 16th. Now, HBO has been rolling out official Season 7 material to us, and as […]

Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) joins the cast of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Game of Thrones has had a fantastic cast over the years, and still continues to add new stars to the show that match up to the standard of the cast. There have been stars who have made their careers over the show, and stars who have had the show added to their already packed resumes. […]

Jon Snow gets re-imagined as classic Disney princes

Game of Thrones has had a lot of great characters over the years, but we all know there is one character that is easily the poster boy for the series. I mean sure, Daenerys Targaryen is all fire and all, with her dragons, but it’s really Jon Snow that we all like. The recently revealed […]

Tourism Ireland signs new deal with Game of Thrones to attract more tourists

As most of you might already be knowing, Game of Thrones is shot in Northern Ireland, for the most part. Northern Ireland really is a beautiful place, and the locations are well used in the show, and over the years, they have become iconic, considering how much the show has grown in popularity. Now, as […]

Iain Glen says Game of Thrones Season 7 scripts are the best ones written yet

Game of Thrones Season 6 began airing over a year ago, and Season 7 is still about two months away from airing. The premiere date has been set as 16th of July, and the lengthened wait and the never like before hype has us in immense anticipation. The hype has been hitting us from every […]

HBO launches official Game of Thrones newsletter : Whispers of Westeros

Game of Thrones hasn’t been on TV for a long time now. It’s been more than a year since Season 6 had begun airing, and Season 7 is still a couple of months away, withe the premiere date set for July 16th. In the meantime, we’re hearing all kinds of talk, with the news about […]

HBO Asia ropes in Thai celebrities to dub Game of Thrones season 7

Game of Thrones is a very popular TV show, and as such, it is well loved in every corner of the world. Being as famous as it is, the show surprisingly never been officially dubbed into another language. However, it’s about time! HBO Asia has now decided to give Game of Thrones its first dub, […]

Game of Thrones spinoffs get their own fan posters

Game of Thrones has been one of the biggest moneymakers for HBO, and we were definitely not surprised when the news broke that they were considering not one, but four spinoff ideas. The creator of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, then confirmed the spinoff talk, with a major correction : there are five […]

Sean Bean says he needs fans’ help to bring Ned Stark back on Game of Thrones

Do you remember the first time you watched Game of Thrones, and thought Ned Stark, the man of honor, would end up on the Iron Throne? Remember how disappointed you were when you saw him die in the first season itself? His death is still one of the biggest deaths on the show. Sean Bean, […]

Watch the best parts of Game of Thrones in this six minute video!

Game of Thrones has been gone for a long time, and it has been over a year since Season 6┬ábegun airing. We all know that Season 7 is on a delayed schedule, arriving much later than usual. It’s the first season to have filmed in the same year as the premiere, and the premiere is […]
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