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Just a simple penguin loving guy. When I'm not watching videos of penguins, I'm writing about penguins. On the rare occasion when I'm not partaking in penguin related activities, Game of Thrones is pretty good too.

A Game of Thrones history lesson: Valyria part III

Welcome to the final part of the Valyrian history series. Let’s jump right in. In case you have missed the first 2 parts, you can read it over here: Part I, Part II. The Valyrian Freehold is at the height of its power. They have become an unstoppable force of pure destruction. Their empire is […]

A Game of Thrones history lesson: Valyria part II

HERE is Part I for those who need some catching up. Valyria has won the Ghiscari Wars and the Empire of Old Ghis starts falling into memory. Valyrians figure out that they like slaves. They like slaves very much. Vast roadways and great cities are built as the Valyrians improve upon their Freehold. Valyrians are friends […]

A Game of Thrones history lesson: Valyria part I

Today, Valyria is a smoking ruin. Just a memory of a long dead civilization. Valyria is reminiscent of the Roman Empire in that their contributions to modern day society are huge. The world of Game of Thrones would look much different if the Valyrian Freehold had never risen to power. A couple things Valyria gave […]

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