Home News George R. R. Martin reveals why he doesn’t give updates about The Winds of Winter

George R. R. Martin reveals why he doesn’t give updates about The Winds of Winter

George R. R. Martin reveals why he doesn’t give updates about The Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones will start with Season 7 on July 16th. The story of the TV show passed that of the books on which it is based, while ago, and now we’re in uncharted waters, as we try to guess and speculate over what will happen next season without having a clue about the possibilities. Now, we all know that George R. R. Martin is working on the next book in the series, The Winds of Winter, and he has said previously that the book might hit the shelves this year, emphasis on might. Now, we know that George regularly communicates with his fans on his Not A Blog, but he hardly talks much about The Winds of Winter, and now he has revealed why. Read on!

The explanation came in the comments section of a post on his Not A Blog. The post wasn’t about The Song of Ice and Fire series, but about his other big project, Wild Cards. However, a user named slancet27 brought up the topic of how there were far too many Wild Card updates, and not enough about The Winds of Winter. He wrote :

“While I am sure there are wild card fans, I’m willing to bet 99% of your fans are for asoiaf. Using the popularity of that to promote wild cards to readers who don’t care about it is annoying when you haven’t provided even a nugget of info about WoW in over a year. Fans are annoyed or angry because they love your work, I’m sure it’s a burden but that’s why you get the big bucks.

Maybe a 10:1 wild cards to asoiaf posts would be fair. Give us something George, we are starving.”

GRRM responded to this in his usual style :

“While it is certainly true that SONG OF ICE AND FIRE has many more followers than WILD CARDS, I think your 99% to 1% is rather an exaggeration. Wild Cards is pretty popular as well, elsewise it would not have lasted for thirty years and twenty-three volumes (with four more in the pipeline).

If I post more about Wild Cards than Ice & Fire, it’s because there is more to report — books coming out, being delivered, a new website, and so on. I do post about Ice & Fire and GAME OF THRONES whenever there is actual news to report. Do you really want or need weekly WoW posts all saying, “Still working on it, not done yet?” I know some writers make posts like, “Wrote three pages today,” but that’s never been my way. And when I tried doing posts like that, back when I was working on DANCE WITH DRAGONS, that just seemed to make people angry as well.
It does sound like a bit of a doomed-if-you-do-and-doomed-if-you-don’t situation.”

It has been often said by some skeptics that GRRM might not live to finish the series, and he also responded to another fan comment about this. Responding to notoriousreecey, George said :

“I don’t see speculation about the possibility of my death as any sort of compliment, no. My own hope is to live another thirty years and write thirty more books.”

So, what do you think? Do you want regular updates from George about his progress with the book, or would you rather have things the way they are now? Tell us in the comments, down below!


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