Home Interview Production designer Deborah Riley talks about bringing the world of Game of Thrones to life

Production designer Deborah Riley talks about bringing the world of Game of Thrones to life

Production designer Deborah Riley talks about bringing the world of Game of Thrones to life

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows on the face of the planet, and being the fantasy epic that it is, it certainly takes a lot of effort to be brought to life. The cast certainly takes a lot of effort to portray all those wonderful characters, but it’s the crew that does the real work. We have heard wonders about how the spectacle that the show is, brought to life. In a recent interview, the production designer for Game of Thrones, Deborah Riley, gave us a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes on the show. Read on!

Production designer Deborah Riley, who has been working on the show since Season 4, recently talked about the show, in an interview with The Daily Bruin. She first talked about how she felt when she first took over the show, back in 2013. She recalled :

“There was such a lot to do with just their philosophy of how to get this thing made as well as understanding what the previous production designer had done and how she had established the world. … I found that all to be overwhelming, but I was also just so incredibly impressed by the quality of the work they do. When you walk onto the sets, it really is phenomenal. … It’s just a really immersive environment, and I don’t think I’ve really stood on something so utterly convincing in any kind of world before.”

Production designer Deborah Riley talks about making Game of Thrones

Deborah Riley also expressed how she is the only one in her department that has a full idea of what’s going on, while the others works in teams on their respective locations, and are out of loop with what’s happening in the other locations. She went on to talk about her most memorable experience from the show :

“When I started in season four, and we built the Meereen audience chamber, that was a moment that I will remember for a long time. It was the first time properly that the season four art department was able to really impact the look of the show. And obviously, as the new production designer, I had a lot of people looking at me and seeing what I would do with the show. … That was my first very strong attempt at doing that and it was a magnificent space to stand in. … It was one of those moments where I really understood the potential of these extraordinary teams of people who work on the show and just what the show is capable of.”

Well, we’re sure the production has outdone itself with its work on Season 7. What do you think? Season 7 will premiere July 16th. Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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