Home Interview Owen Teale talks about Alliser Thorne’s death in Oathbreaker episode
Owen Teale talks about Alliser Thorne’s death in Oathbreaker episode

Owen Teale talks about Alliser Thorne’s death in Oathbreaker episode


Game of Thrones season 6 episode 3, Oathbreaker, saw Jon Snow’s resurrection and then getting up and executing mutineers who had stabbed him last season. There were four mutineers including Ser Alliser Thorne. Ser Alliser Thorne was one of the characters who had been there since season 1 and had managed to survive till season 6 (Which is not very common in Game of Thrones).

Owen Teale, the actor who plays Ser Alliser Thorne spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how felt killing Jon Snow. He also expressed his opinions regarding his own character on the show.

He initially thought his character of Ser Alliser Thorne will take over Castle Black eventually. “I thought they’re either going to really invest in Thorne and he’s going to take over Castle Black, or it will mean his end — and I liked either of those options.” He further said that, “I guess I would prefer they explore his character with Jon Snow gone, but it’s not as interesting as what they’ve chosen. They give him a death and a speech.”

He also mentioned that he had to do away with his feelings as a human while portraying the character of Alliser Thorne saying, “In Thorne’s boots is not a nice place to be. I found the most important thing when playing the character was to just get rid of a whole section of feelings that I have as a human being — like joy, for instance, that’s just gone.”

We were all too used to seeing him on the show.


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