Home News AT&T CEO wants to cut down Game of Thrones episodes to 20 minutes for mobile

AT&T CEO wants to cut down Game of Thrones episodes to 20 minutes for mobile

AT&T CEO wants to cut down Game of Thrones episodes to 20 minutes for mobile

Game of Thrones is one of the minute most popular show on the planet, and every day it seems like we can’t get enough of it. Season 7 is about 50 days away, and we’re still not happy with the fact that it will have only 7 episodes, and not 10. While we’re pining for an extra minute of Game of Thrones, the CEO of telecom giant AT&T says the episodes of Game of Thrones might be better suited for the mobile platform, if cut down to 20 minutes. Read on!

Now, as some of you might already be aware, AT&T is in the middle of a deal to buy Time Warner, the parent corporation of HBO, a $85 billion deal at that. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson recently spoke about the deal at the  J.P. Morgan’s Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, reports Variety. Speaking of how the mobile platform could use shorter versions of Game of Thrones episodes, he said :

“It will cause [HBO CEO Richard] Plepler at HBO to panic when I say this, but can you begin to think about things like Game of Thrones as an example, where in a mobile environment a 60-minute episode may not be the best experience should you think about 20-minute episodes..”

AT&T seems to be concerned about curating HBO’s content to fit the mobile platform, as a way to increase their revenue yield by pushing the content onto people’s phones. The discussion gave a little sneak peek at how HBO (Time Warner) will operate under AT&T. AT&T first entered the entertainment space with the DirecTV deal, but Stephenson explained how the Time Warner deal will be pushing them further than ever :

“While DIRECTV gave us great access to premium content, not owning it limits what you can do. Can you curate the content uniquely for a mobile environment? Can you create new ad supported models for a mobile environment? And those are the things that were just going to be slow and a long time coming and so we did the Direct or the Time Warner deal, excuse me, Time Warner changes the game.

We now have the ability and we’re actually putting in place plans now to begin curating Time Warner content uniquely for a mobile environment. You can think all the great franchises in Time Warner and what we’ll be able to do and we’re now working to stand up ad-supported models with the Time Warner content and where that takes us.”

The deal is currently pending approval from the U.S. Department of Justice, and Stephenson said that they’re working full time on getting it approved. While they are thinking about monetizing Time Warner content in as many ways as possible, he clarified that he will not be changing too many things. He explains :

“You can’t think about taking Game of Thrones and you’re only going to make it available to AT&T customers that’s crazy.

You destroy the value of the media and entertainment business but can you do things or would you do things uniquely with Game of Thrones for your mobile environment where you have the ability to innovate faster.”

So, it looks like AT&T has big plans for Time Warner! What do you think about this? Talk to us in the comments, below!


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