Home Interview George R. R. Martin comments on the world of Game of Thrones being called ‘Planetos’

George R. R. Martin comments on the world of Game of Thrones being called ‘Planetos’

George R. R. Martin comments on the world of Game of Thrones being called ‘Planetos’

Game of Thrones is set in a mysterious world that is not quite different from ours, but yet so different. We know that the events are shown to take place on two continents, namely Westeros, and Essos, separated by the sea. In addition to that, we know that there are two more continents in the same world, which are called Sothoryos and Ulthos, which remain yet unexplored. Now, for long, there have been speculations about what the world on which Game of Thrones takes place, is named. George R. R. Martin recently commented on this, and while he didn’t quite solve the mystery for us, it gave us some insight on it.

Since the continents are named Westeros, Essos, Sothoryos and Ulthos, fans have been calling the world “Planetos”. Recently a fan asked George R. R. Martin about what he intended on naming it, in the comments section of a post on his Not A Blog. The comment read:

“Incidentally, are you ever going to give a name to the World of Ice and Fire? In the English-speaking world, we call our planet Earth. In the legendary period of Earth history written about by Tolkien, the inhabitants call it Arda. Fans have, in the absence of such official names, dubbed the world of Westeros and Essos and Sothoryos ‘Planetos’, but that obviously feels a bit tongue in cheek. Basically, if you were to sit down with a Maester and ask him what planet he lives on, he would have an answer, right?”

Geroge did reply to the comment, but he didn’t quite hit us with an actual name. He said:

“He would probably call it Earth. Of course, it would not be that word, since he’d be speaking the Common Tongue, not English. But it would mean Earth.”

Definitely not Planetos then.

Now, we wish Martin had given us an actual name, but this is better than not having any opinion from him on the subject, at all. Now, what his explanation meant is that since everything the people from Westeros speak in, is in their common tongue but shows up in English when we read it, whenever they are to mention their world, they would actually be using their own word for the world, but we would still read it as Earth, which is a word which does show up in the books, so looks like we can put that discussion to rest.

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