Home Interview Game of Thrones Weapons Master Tommy Dunne talks about designing the siege weapons for the show
Game of Thrones Weapons Master Tommy Dunne talks about designing the siege weapons for the show

Game of Thrones Weapons Master Tommy Dunne talks about designing the siege weapons for the show


The universe of Game of Thrones is one full of war, sex and murder, and it excels at portraying the fantastic world George R. R. Martin imagined. Set in the middle ages, the show tries to be accurate to its timing, and the weaponry shown in the show has been carefully picked. Now, any of us who have played the famous Microsoft game, Age of Empires, will remember the siege weapons from the middle ages, like trebuchets, catapults, and battering rams, a class of weapons which very necessarily shows up in Game of Thrones. Tommy Dunne, the Weapons Master for Game of Thrones, recently talked about designing siege weapons for the show. Read on!

Talking to Popular Science, Dunne discussed his craft, and gave an insight into the process. Dunne said that the weapons aren’t built to be deadly, but just to appear so. Talking about the development of these weapons, he said :

“We’ll throw objects—light objects—30 feet in the air, and 50 feet away. In a real siege, a catapult would need to throw farther than the enemy archers’ range, so real weaponized projectiles would fly 10 times farther than ours.”

Now, as you must have already realized, these weapons cost quite a lot to build, so ensuring you’re getting the best out of your cash is an important factor. Also, the weapons carry some modifications which the traditional designs don’t have. Talking about this, Tommy Dunne said :

“Another concern is getting your money’s worth out of these devices. They aren’t cheap and can take up to eight weeks to build. So we make sure they’re not one-hit wonders. One catapult we built for Game of Thrones stood 12 feet high by 8 feet wide, weighed one and half tons, and fired barrels with a sling mechanism. But we also designed it so we could swap in a spoon to hurl flaming balls. That is not inherent in the historical design. Still, in 25 years of building these things, nobody’s called me out on these differences. So if I’m not actually building authentic weapons, I’m certainly getting away with it.”

Well, the weapons are certainly a treat for the eyes, and it seems like the work that goes into making them is of an appreciable amount. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, below!


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