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Game of Thrones fan deciphers clues in the Night’s King’s eye in season 7 teaser trailer

Game of Thrones fan deciphers clues in the Night’s King’s eye in season 7 teaser trailer

Season 6 of Game of Thrones aired quite a while ago, and we’re not quite over it yet, because Season 7 seems to be too far away. After dealing with the fact that Season 7 arrives later than usual this year, for quite a while, we ended up getting the teaser trailer which was quite awesome. It also gave new life to a theory that Game of Thrones is set inside the eye of a giant. We thought that that would be the end of the discussion over the blue eye, but now a fan has pointed out that we might have ignored some hinting reflections in the eye. Read on!

Before we begin, check out the teaser trailer, below :

Redditor FacelessGreensear was one of the few among us who fixated on the blue eye we saw in the promo, so he zoomed in for a closer look. He posted on the Game of Thrones subreddit, with an image that pointed out his interpretations of what the reflections in the eye could be. Check out the image, below :

Redditor says that you might have missed some reflections in the Game of Thrones teaser trailer

The light reflection near the pupil, as the poster points out, looks like the the wall. Moving to the right, the cave like structure could probably be a crack in the wall. The bottom eyelids are reflecting some sort of light, which might be fire. Could all of this be signalling that the wall will collapse this season, and that this image basically shows the Night King watching it happen? That would probably render false the the previous theory about the eye. The left of the iris has some weird shapes, too, although we can’t say what they are.

Game of Thrones fan deciphers clues in the Night's King's eye in season 7 teaser trailer

Taking a close look at the above picture, we have to admit, it does appear like the Wall. There’s a good chance that all of this is just fans seeing more into simple things considering the fact that we still have a trimester to go before we get the Season 7 premiere, but maybe not. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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