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Game of Thrones nominated for Location Managers Guild Awards

Game of Thrones nominated for Location Managers Guild Awards

Game of Thrones did very well with Season 6, getting positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Since it aired, the season has been grabbing nominations for a multitude of awards, for the show, many of which, it won. Having done so well at the awards season, the show doesn’t seem to be quite finished with it yet. Game of Thrones has now been nominated for The Location Managers Guild Awards.

The nominees for the 4th Annual LMGI Awards were recently announced by the Location Managers Guild. The official website states :

“The awards honor productions in feature films, television programs and commercials from around the globe, in which the creative use of filming locations enhances or helps to drive the storyline.”

The Guild has nominated location managers Matt Jones and Naomi Liston in the Outstanding Locations in a Period Television Series category. The full list of nominees is as follows :

The Crown – Pat Karam, Robert Bentley/LMGI
Game of Thrones – Matt Jones/LMGI, Naomi Liston/LMGI
The Man in the High Castle– Nicole Noelle Chartrand, Robert Murdoch
Stranger Things -Tony Holley/LMGI
Westworld – Mandi Dillin/LMGI

As you can see, the competition is quite tough. However, Game of Thrones is excellent in its choice of locations, so we expect the show to win this one. The show has won three LMGI awards before, having won in the same category last year, and two more in 2014, in the Outstanding use of Locations in Television category, and Robert Boake winning in the Outstanding Achievement by a Location Professional in Television award.

The voting ballots for the awards closed on March 14, and the awards will be given away in a ceremony scheduled to take place on April 8 at the Steven J. Ross Theater in Burbank, California.

Do you think Game of Thrones will win at the Location Managers Guild Awards? Tell us in the comments, below!


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