Home News Trailer for Emilia Clarke’s horror movie ‘Voice from the Stone’ is really creepy

Trailer for Emilia Clarke’s horror movie ‘Voice from the Stone’ is really creepy

Trailer for Emilia Clarke’s horror movie ‘Voice from the Stone’ is really creepy

Game of Thrones has had a fantastic cast over the years, and as such its stars are no strangers to landing other projects when they’re not working on Game of Thrones, or after their characters have been killed off. Now, Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on the show, has been quite picky about her projects, like the romantic drama Me Before You, and now becoming a part of the Star Wars clan by starring in the Han Solo Movie. Another of her projects, which has been in production for almost two years now, is the supernatural movie Voice from the Stone, and the first trailer of the movie has now been released. Needless to say Emilia steals the show!

Voice from the Stone is director Eric Howell’s pet project, to bring to screen, a “Hitchcockian fairy tale,” based a novel of the same name by Silvio Raffo, which was released in 1996. The trailer was revealed in an exclusive feature by USA Today. The synopsis of the movie reads :

“Emilia Clarke plays Verena, a young nurse who specializes in helping children deal with trauma in 1950s Tuscany. Verena is hired to work with a young boy named Jakob (Edward Dring), who is so distraught by the sudden death of his mother, a renowned pianist, that he has stopped speaking.

This is no Mary Poppins: Verena has to work with Jakob’s increasingly erratic behavior and belief that his deceased mother is speaking to him from the castle walls. Verena tries to flee the disintegrating situation, but her love for Jakob and her romantic relationship with his father Klaus (Marton Csokas) pull her back.”

Check out the trailer, below :

Emilia was apparently spooked during the filming of the movie, which also stars a real hawk. She said :

“That hawk never stopped making me scream. Oh, man, the castle we filmed in was scary. I don’t believe in ghosts but if there was anything to make me question that, it was shooting there at night.”

Well, who knew the mother of dragons was scared of hawks? Voice from the Stone releases in select theatres and on Video on Demand/Digital HD on April 28th. Are you planning on watching this movie? Tell us in the comments, below!


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