Home Interview Northern Ireland Screen chief says Game of Thrones as a business is not unique and can be replaced

Northern Ireland Screen chief says Game of Thrones as a business is not unique and can be replaced

Northern Ireland Screen chief says Game of Thrones as a business is not unique and can be replaced

Game of Thrones is a massive production, and as such, it creates a lot of jobs, and money. The show has used a lot of beautiful places, one of the prime ones among which, has been Northern Ireland, which has had its film industry develop quite a lot because of Game of Thrones. The industry, now valued at a whopping 225 million dollars, faces the risk of losing value when Game of Thrones stops filming about a year from now. Richard Williams, the Northern Ireland Screen chief executive, however says that they have plans to replace all those dollars to keep the industry going.

Titanic Studios, Belfast has been used for filming Game of Thrones for a long time, now. Northern Ireland Screen is responsible for handling the film and TV industry in the country, and it’s the official government supported entity for the job. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Richard Williams seemed to be not worried about the industry collapsing after Game of Thrones pulls out. Talking about the same, he said :

“Game of Thrones has delivered a number of revolutions in production technique and delivery of scale to budget. The idea that you could not sell the infrastructure and people and talent that produced that, I have absolutely no concern about our ability to sustain and build from the success of Game of Thrones.”

He also talked about how most of the skilled workers were locals :

“But it is nearly always that they are critical skills because it is easier and cheaper to find those people locally on the island of Ireland and the UK. Further away, it is likely to be more expensive.”

He went on to discuss how it will be tough to replace the business Game of Thrones brought to NI, but not impossible by any means :

“Game of Thrones is very big. It is culturally unique, but as a piece of business, it is not unique. I would probably challenge a little bit the assertion that Game of Thrones as a piece of business is irreplaceable, I don’t think that is true, but it may take two projects to replace it rather than one.”

Now, Brexit, might have some impact on the NI film industry, considering how it will still be a part of the EU, but the UK won’t, which means that sourcing workers from the UK will be much harder that it used to be, but we think that that won’t be too big an issue.

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