Home Awards Game of Thrones wins at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

Game of Thrones wins at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

Game of Thrones wins at the Costume Designers Guild Awards

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows, ever, and it is mostly so because every next season of the show is better than the last one. Season 6 was the best one yet, and quite well liked by fans, as well as critics, and has been doing really well at the awards season, winning many of the awards it was nominated for. The show recently won at the Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards, and now it has gone on to continue its awards run by winning at the Costume Designers Guild Awards! Read on!

The 19th Costume Designers Guild Awards were held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Lon Angeles. Game of Thrones won in the Outstanding Fantasy Television Series category, shared by nominees April Ferry and Michele Clapton. The costume department is usually led by Michele Clapton. However, for Season 6, she took a leave, and was replaced by April Ferry, who did a stellar job. Michele returned to do the last two episodes of the season, and her work was indeed notable, as you can see in the picture, below :

Clapton has won this award for Game of Thrones for three years now. She also won another award at the show, for the Netflix period drama, The Crown. The full list of nominees for the category was as follows :

Outstanding Fantasy Television Series

Game of Thrones – Michele Clapton, April Ferry
The Man in the High Castle – J.R. Hawbaker
Once Upon a Time – Eduardo Castro
Sleepy Hollow – Mairi Chisholm
The Walking Dead, Season 6 – Eulyn C. Womble

The competition was tough, indeed, but Game of Thrones did a stellar job with Season 6, and we can say that this was a much deserved win for the pair. Season 7, set to premiere in Summer this year, is touted to be even better, from all the hype we have been hearing, and we expect the costumes to hold up, as well. Looks like the show might continue to win this award till it ends.

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