Home Interview Maisie Williams talks about Arya Stark’s season 7 in an interview

Maisie Williams talks about Arya Stark’s season 7 in an interview

Maisie Williams talks about Arya Stark’s season 7 in an interview

Game of Thrones is currently filming for Season 7, set to premiere in the summer, and this is the first time the filming has continued into the same year as the premiere. Now, we’re all hyped up for Season 7, with all the spoilers and filming news and cast interviews we have been reading, but when a cast member talks about how good the next season will be, the hype goes through the roof. Now, we have known Maisie Williams to hype up Season 7 before, but recently, in an interview, Maisie talked about how the season will be for her character, Arya Stark. Read on!

Maisie was on the British talk show called This Morning, famously hosted by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. Talking about Season 7, and Arya, Maisie said :

“This year it really kind of heats up. Everyone gets their trials and everyone gets their tribulations, which is excellent. Particularly for Arya, there are some really high points. There are some really low points, too…And that’s what I can tell you about Game of Thrones!”

Now, there are many possibilities to Arya’s storyline, but what we are expecting to see is Arya go back home, and reunite with whatever is left of her family.

Talking about the last season, and the idea of Game of Thrones ending, Maisie said :

It’s really scary, because that’s been my safety blanket, and if I’ve not done any other work, then I’ve been like, “It’s fine, because I’ve got Game of Thrones,” and when that won’t be there, it’s scary.”

She also talked about a lot of other things, including her new Netflix film, iBoy. Watch the interview, below :

Maisie Williams also seems to have finished her Season 7 filming. She has braces now, something she possibly wouldn’t have gotten done while her filming was going on. Also, during the interview, when host Schofield said that she’s done with Season 7, Maisie agreed.

We didn’t get to hear any details about the next season, however. So we guess we’ll just wait till summer arrives, which quite a way to go. Talk to us in the comments, below!


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