Home News George R. R. Martin says he’s still writing Winds of Winter

George R. R. Martin says he’s still writing Winds of Winter

George R. R. Martin says he’s still writing Winds of Winter

While Game of Thrones is set to return to television in the summer of 2017 with Season 7, the books on which the series is based, A Song of Ice and Fire, is yet to churn out its sixth book. The series has already surpassed the books in terms of the storyline, and George R. R. Martin, the author, is under pressure to deliver the next book, The Winds of Winter, as soon as possible. The last update┬ácame back at the beginning of December, and we haven’t had one since then, so of course we got impatient. Now we have a sort-of update from George R. R. Martin.

George posts almost regularly on his Not a Blog, and in a recent update about NFL, where George discussed the season, and his team, and more. The post didn’t really have anything to do with Game of Thrones or the books, but desperate as we Thrones fans are, one of us ended up asking about it anyway.

User justanidea123 asked George in a comment if he would ever consider making a sort of an FAQ about The Winds of Winter. He suggested George a seemingly clever way to answer his fans questions about the book :

“For example you could state how long you would like The Winds Of Winter(or maybe the series) to be, how much you currently have(though obviously not what POVs or the content of the chapters), and a general outlook, but no time-line. You won’t have to put your name on any sort of “release date expectancy”.

This would also trigger a moratorium from your fans on asking about it, as you could just simply state “read this link” or just ignore them.”

Martin replied to this saying a “tell-all” wouldn’t really stop fans from asking questions about the book. He then went on to say :

“There are only two things that will stop people asking me about WOW:

(1) my finishing and delivering the book, or (2) a giant asteroid hitting the Earth and destroying human civilization.

As I have no control over (2), I am working on (1).”

He then described the vicious cycle as it is, saying he would start getting questions about A Dream of Spring, the next and last book in series, as soon as he announces when The Winds of Winter will be finished and released.

We actually agree with George on this one. We have been waiting for a long time for the book, and an FAQ will not really make the wait easier, so guess we will just have to wait for the book, and then for the next one, and hope George stays fine through it all.

In the meantime, we will just re-read the previous books and hope that The Winds of Winter arrives soon enough! What do you think? Talk to us in the comments!


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