Home Fan Art Clever fan-made video mashes up Game of Thrones with Westworld
Clever fan-made video mashes up Game of Thrones with Westworld

Clever fan-made video mashes up Game of Thrones with Westworld


Game of Thrones has been the show which brought HBO a lot of fame and recognition. For six years, now, it has stayed one of the most popular shows, ever, with no intention of slowing down its run for the remainder of its life. However, us fandom addicts are already looking for something to latch on to when the show finally ends, and HBO seems to have given us a nice option already : Westworld.

Westworld is just one season in, and it did better than Game of Thrones did in its first run, which is an indicator of the show’s possible future success. One thing to notice is that the two shows seem to share a huge chunk of their fanbases. Now, naturally, the common fans are trying to find ways to connect their two favorite shows, but YouTuber Shahan Reviews seems to have achieved the right balance, with a mash-up video. Check it out, below :

The video shows the resurrection of Jon Snow and then continues to show him as an Android from Westworld. The resurrection scene is actually shown as Jon waking up as an Android, and going about his life, while music from Westworld plays in the background. Anybody who is a fan of the two series will thoroughly enjoy this video. We certainly did!

With Westworld having just finished its first season and Game of Thrones returning for its seventh in summer 2017, this video kills two birds with one stone, helping us miss the two shows a bit less. How are you dealing with this fandom withdrawal? Tell us in the comments, below!


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