Home News Lifelike Daenerys Targaryen figurine by ThreeZero goes on sale

Lifelike Daenerys Targaryen figurine by ThreeZero goes on sale

Lifelike Daenerys Targaryen figurine by ThreeZero goes on sale

Game of Thrones is a huge fandom, and as such, merchandise is as big a part of it as it is of any fandom which is as massive. Over more than six years of the show, a lot of merchandise has been launched, including bobbleheads, clothing,  figurines, and much more. Now, talking about the show itself, Season 7 will premiere in the summer of 2017, and the attention seems to be centered on none other than the mother of dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. She is all set to enter Westeros, but while we wait for that to happen, we have a little treat.

Some of you might know ThreeZero, a famous toy manufacturer from Hong Kong. A few weeks ago, they gave us a little peek at the new Daenerys Targaryen figurine, which is designed with a scale of 1:6, and it is scarily realistic! ThreeZero had posted a teaser picture on their Facebook page. Check it out below :

Magnificent, isn’t it? The figurine seems almost indistinguishable from Emilia Clarke as Daenerys, at the first glance.

ThreeZero has started selling this figurine on their official website at a price of US $168, with the ‘Threezero Store Exclusive version’, which comes with the three dragons and a perch for them, is available for pre-order for US $180. There are a bunch of accessories which come with the figure, as one would expect, given ThreeZero’s previous releases, which have had some really cool accessories, as well. Check out the full details of this release, below :

ThreeZero’s previous Game of Thrones releases have sold out pretty quickly, so in case you are considering buying one of these, you should be grabbing one right now!

Are you planning on buying the Daenerys Targaryen figurine? Tell us in the comments, below!


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