Home News Game of Thrones saves an Irish farming business, boosts several others

Game of Thrones saves an Irish farming business, boosts several others

Game of Thrones saves an Irish farming business, boosts several others

Game of Thrones is one of the most famous TV series ever made, and the vastness of its production often affects a lot of people, even beyond the cast and crew. Being as big a show as it is, Game of Thrones has involved a lot of people, from different locations world over. Now we have learnt that the show saved a dying business, too.

A Northen Irish farmer who supplies the animals which star in Game of Thrones, talked about how the show saved his business, in an interview with Sky News. The Forthill Farm, located in County Armagh, was apparently having a tough time before it was saved by the show, says the owner, Kenny Gracey. Talking about the same, he said :

“It has been a great asset and a great saviour for our farm. Any of the background animals, the chickens, the goats, the geese, the dogs for instance or the deer … I’m supplying those.”

That’s not the only business that has Game of Thrones to thank. The dogs Odin and Thor, who played the Direwolves Summer and Greywind, respectively, on Game of Thrones, now have a lot of visitors on their own ‘Direwolf Tours’. Telling his story, owner William Mulhall said :

“I got a phone call one day from the breeder, who had owned them, saying that some TV show wants to use my dogs in it.

So I brought the dogs up to the breeder’s house where the trainers from Game of Thrones were and they had pictures and then that was it, that’s how it began.”

These are just the living animals from the show. The animals who have starred on the show and gone on to die (ethically), have their own place in the Game of Thrones fandom. Ingrid Houwers, a taxidermist, aids in set decoration my making use of costumes and other props made from these dead animals. Talking about it, she said :

“It gives them an extra life and rather than go to a museum where, although they still get admired, these certainly have more of a movie star kind of a life, where it does get used and obviously admired.

I have seen things that go to the exhibition as well so they get an extra boost to show people what they’re used for and how they bring this fantasy world to life.”

Well, the show seems to be changing lives in ways more than we imagined. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, below!


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