Home Interview Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail talks about how much he loved Game of Thrones season 6
Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail talks about how much he loved Game of Thrones season 6

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail talks about how much he loved Game of Thrones season 6


Game of Thrones is in the latter half of it’s runtime, and as seekers of fandoms, we have already started to latch our souls onto some of the newer shows which we can rely on to make us feel miserable for the next few years. One of such shows, without doubt, is Mr. Robot. The creator of Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail, talked about how much he loved Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and more, in an interview.

Esmail was on The Watch podcast when he discussed Season 6, and boy, did he sound like a total fanboy. Read on!

Talking about how Season 6 held a contrast against Season 5 :

“The music — everything was on point. And you know, the one thing that I will say, because this is the thing about Game of Thrones that’s amazing to me … is it’s one story that they’re telling over these several different chapters, or however you want to describe them. So for example … [Season] 5 got a lot of shit, right? … [It was] too slow, what the hell is going on, blah blah blah. But then it all pays off in this season. You couldn’t have gotten away with Cersei [taking] down the Sparrows and the “Battle of the Bastards” [without Season 5]. That emotional impact wouldn’t have worked without Season 5. You need that season of buildup to get to this season.”

Talking about how HBO isn’t afraid to experiment with Game of Thrones :

“The weird thing about Game of Thrones is that they don’t have to experiment with filmmaking. They don’t have to come up with that crazy musical score in the season finale when they blow up that building. They’ve got me [hooked] already and then they do that on top of it. Then they have crazy filmmaking. [Miguel Sapochnik], who I think did “Battle of the Bastards” and the finale, [was great]. And that one great long take in the middle of “Battle of the Bastards,” I mean, that shit’s better than anything I watch in the movie theater.”

We could not agree more.

You can listen to the full-length podcast, below :

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