Home Awards Game of Thrones wins at the Critics’ Choice Awards

Game of Thrones wins at the Critics’ Choice Awards

Game of Thrones wins at the Critics’ Choice Awards

While the production, cast and crew of Game of Thrones is busy shooting Season 7 in Spain, the show has been getting nominated, and now winning, at award shows. We earlier reported that the show had been nominated for Golden Globe awards, and now, we have some even better news! Game of Thrones has won an award at the Critics’ Choice Awards!

As we had earlier reported, Game of Thrones had been nominated for five Critics’ Choice Awards, in the Best Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series categories. Game of Thrones won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Drama Series. This is the second win the show has grabbed, with the previous one being in the same category, in 2013.

Game of Thrones beat Westworld, Stranger Things, The Crown, This Is Us, Better Call Saul and Mr. Robot, to win the award. As far as the other categories go, Peter Dinklage and Kit Harington lost to John Lithgow from The Crown, in the Best Supporting Actor category, while Lena Heady and Emilia Clarke lost to Thandie Newton, from Westworld in the female counterpart of the same category.

The DJ for the night was our own, Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor on the show, as we had earlier reported.

A lot more awards are yet to come! Talk to us in the comments, below!


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