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Conor McGregor’s Game of Thrones role confirmed, possible details revealed

Conor McGregor’s Game of Thrones role confirmed, possible details revealed

SPOILER ALERT! This post contains spoilers for Season 7! Consider yourself warned! Game of Thrones, over the years, has had a spectacular cast. So when we heard, a few days ago, that the UFC superstar Conor McGregor, was in talks to star in Game of Thrones, naturally, we got excited! Now, we have an official confirmation on the news, as well as a possible description of what character he will be playing on the show. Read on!

A few days ago, a report by the Irish newspaper, The Sunday Life, said that ‘The Notorious’ had been headhunted by HBO, as one of the directors is a huge UFC fan. The news came from an anonymous source, and thus wasn’t too reassuring. However, now we have an official confirmation. Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, gave a statement while on Fox Sports Live. It read as follows :

“I knew that a few months ago that they were interested in putting him in the show, and I’m glad he did it. It’ll be great.”

Now, talking about information on the role, Game of Thrones fan site, Watchers on the Wall, reports that an anonymous source has told them that Conor McGregor will be playing the role of a pirate, from Euron Greyjoy‘s crew, on Silence, the ship. It is apparently going to be a cameo, and a small one at that, and will not have any dialogues and that’s because the ship is manned by only mutes, as Euron Greyjoy has ripped out their tongues. Ramsay might be dead but the show still has some crazy characters who will make you hate them to the core.

We would have loved to see him in a bigger role, but something is better than nothing, so we’re not going to complain! What do you think about Conor’s role? Talk to us in the comments, below!


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