Home Interview Jon is restoring Sansa’s faith in men, Sophie Turner says in an interview

Jon is restoring Sansa’s faith in men, Sophie Turner says in an interview

Jon is restoring Sansa’s faith in men, Sophie Turner says in an interview

Sansa Stark has had one hell of a life in Game of Thrones. She’s been places, and has grown, and now, is finally back home. However, with her experience, she also carries the scars from having spent parts of her life with men like Joffrey and Ramsey. In a recent interview , Sophie had said that the Ramsay Bolton rape scene had inspired her to become an activist. Now, in a new interview with Gold Derby, Sophie Turner, talked more about her character.

Talking about her renewed relationship with Jon Snow, she said :

“They’ve both been through so much, and he’s not listening to her as much anymore, and he’s not respecting what she’s been through, and I think she feels a little disheartened by Jon, as lovely as it is to see him again and as much as they do love each other.”

She went on to say that :

“They’re equals for the first time. And I think he’s really restoring [Sansa’s] faith in men.It’s just nice for her to be on par with someone of the opposite sex especially…To have someone listen to her and actually ask her advice is a really nice thing for her…She’s a kind of leader in her own right now, and that’s really refreshing.”

When asked if her opinion of her character had changed :

“No. I’ve always admired her…I always saw the potential in her and I’ve always seen the good in her…She’s kind of fulfilled everything I had hoped for her…She’s amazing. I love her. I talk about her like a person. It’s quite weird.”

She talked about a lot of other things, too. Check out the full interview, below :

What do you think Season 7 will have in store for Sansa Stark? Tell us in the comments, below!


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