Home News Game of Thrones cast attends a Football match and a season 6 character returns

Game of Thrones cast attends a Football match and a season 6 character returns

Game of Thrones cast attends a Football match and a season 6 character returns

Game of Thrones cast and crew is really having a blast in Seville. This is the very first time that so many pictures of the cast from the shoot location have surfaced on the internet. Fans in Seville are going crazy over star sightings. The cast has been persistently photographed by the ardent fans.

We all know that the cast of Game of Thrones likes to roll deep – they’re fond of each other and they party hard. They took the party to a next level when they were recently spotted at a Football match between Seville and Barcelona. The cast surely didn’t go unnoticed.

Here are some of the photos from the match.

Sevilla – Barcelona tonight with the Game Of Thrones Cast! #WhatANight #whatsYourBetOnTheGame ??

A photo posted by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (@thorbjornsson) on

LaLiga’s official twitter account had the following to say

Here’s Peter Dinklage lost in thoughts, planning his next move:

Peter in Sevilla FC Stadium.

A photo posted by gotseason7_news (@gotseason7_news) on

Emilia Clarke shared another photo from the match on her Instagram with Conleth Hill and Peter Dinklage:

At the end of the night and an amazing game the entire cast was presented with personalized Sevilla shirts.


Now jumping to the filming news. Watchers on the Wall has reported that Annette Hannah, who is a minor cast member from season 6 has been seen in Seville. A few weeks ago it was speculated that she actor will return in season 7. Now we know for sure that she is a part of the filming in Seville.


For those who don’t remember her, she plays one of the little birds who got a lot of screen attention last season when she and her friends followed Qyburn’s instructions and killed Pycelle. According to the Watchers, she has a part to play in the season finale. It is still unclear where she fits in the entire plot. It would be interesting to know whether she will be loyal to her original master or follow the orders from Qyburn.


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