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Medieval scholar Carolyne Larrington predicts the end of Game of Thrones

Medieval scholar Carolyne Larrington predicts the end of Game of Thrones

As Game of Thrones nears its inevitable end with the final two seasons left, it has left a lot of us wondering what exactly is going to happen. Theories have been making rounds ever since the books first came out, and they increased when the show aired as well. With all the possibilities of who is going to sit on the Iron Throne and how the White Walkers will be defeated, or whether the entire world of A Song of Ice and Fire will end up being destructed, we all wonder what author George R.R Martin is going to do. The popularity of Game of Thrones has made a lot of people curious as to what it entails, and Carolyne Larrington, a medieval scholar who teaches at Oxford University and the author of Winter is Coming: The Medieval World of Game of Thrones, recently made a prediction on how it will end during an an interview with Stuff.co.

She said that there are two possibilities, the first one being, “One will be kind of like the end of Lord of the Rings. The right person ascends the throne – probably Jon marrying Daenerys – and that is going to usher in a period of happily ever after. We’ll have a new dynasty and everything will be fine.”

Although that’s a bit too mellow for something as morbid as Game of Thrones, we never know what might really happen. “But that’s not going to make much difference to the slaves in Essos, or the ordinary people in King’s Landing,” she continued.

The second prediction is this:

“More excitingly, there could just be a massive apocalypse, and the White Walkers march over everything. That might depend on HBO’s budget for really big battles. It might also depend on [author George RR] Martin having the courage of his convictions.”

A lot of people have considered the apocalypse theory, and based on how Game of Thrones is going right now, it is quite plausible. Carolyne went on to compare ASOIF with Lord of the Rings.

“Martin could have something up his sleeve, because he’s been a bit sniffy about Tolkien’s ending. It’s all very well to say Aragorn is king and he’s wise and just and he ruled for 100 years – but what was his tax policy, did he have a standing army, how did he rule? Tolkien doesn’t tell us any of that,” she said.

She later said she wants to how he’s going to end it, and concluded with something that a lot of us fear: Martin living long enough to finish the series.

“I don’t think it’s going to go for the apocalyptic ending. I’m really interested to see what Martin is going to make by way of an ending, if indeed he lives that long.”

It is all us fans hope for, that Martin lives long enough to conclude ASOIF and not leave us hanging without closure.


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