Home Filming Kit Harington and others arrive in Spain, and major Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers revealed

Kit Harington and others arrive in Spain, and major Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers revealed

Kit Harington and others arrive in Spain, and major Game of Thrones season 7 spoilers revealed

I Game of Thrones season 7 filming is in full swing now as it continues in Northern Ireland, and has officially kicked off in Spain. Recently, actors Peter Dinklage and Liam Cunningham were seen filming a scene together in Barrika, and reports of Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, having arrived in Spain are also going around. The latest reports have given a lot more on this, and other stars have been spotted in Spain now. Kit Harington has just arrived in Bilbao, Spain along with a few other co-stars. Check out the pictures below:

Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), Jacob Anderson (Greyworm) and Conleth Hill (Lord Varys) have also been spotted:

Looks like it won’t be long until Emilia Clarke is also seen with her co-stars.

Post all this exciting news, we’ve also received some rather riveting spoilers for season 7 from Los Siete Reinos. This spoiler comes from filming going on at Muriola beach where Peter Dinklage and Liam Cunningham were seen filming together. New footage has surfaced where none other than Gendry makes an appearance! Here’s what has been described of the scene that was filmed with Tyrion, Davos and Gendry in the raw footage:

It appears that Davos and Gendry are together preparing the boat to leave when two gold cloaks approach. Davos demonstrates that the boat is innocently empty by pulling back the tarp. He appears to then bribe the gold cloaks, who turn to leave, but just then Tyrion appears. The gold cloaks see Tyrion and come back- perhaps they recognize him or suspect he’s Tyrion Lannister, the most famous dwarf in the world? Davos tries to talk to them again but but the guards are grabbing at their swords. That’s when Gendry intervenes, picks up his warhammer (!) from the boat and striking them down from behind. Then Davos, Tyrion, and Gendry push the boat offshore and get the hell out of dodge.

The warhammer makes a stark connection between Gendry and his father Robert Baratheon. The scene looks like something that is going to be absolutely unexpected, and if you’re unafraid of spoilers, check it out below:

Based on a previous casting call, the gold cloaks were City guards, and there seems to be no doubt that this location is most probably going to be Dragonstone.

In other news, back in Northern Ireland, actress Ellie Kendrick, who plays Meera Reed was spotted filming on what looks like the sets of Winterfell. Since the actors who were previously seen in Northern Ireland were majorly filming for Winterfell, Meera’s appearance on the same location suggests that Bran Stark might have finally come home since those two were seen together heading south of the Wall in season 6. Here are the pictures shared by pap4u:



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