Home Theories According to this theory Bran Stark might be the Lord of Light

According to this theory Bran Stark might be the Lord of Light

According to this theory Bran Stark might be the Lord of Light

As we wait for season 7 of Game of Thrones to finally give us joy, its time to focus on some interesting theories, which have the potential to become true on the show. Before we delve into a theory, let’s look at a question that people have been curious to know the answer of for a while, that being: Who is the Lord of Light? We know its the entity that the followers of the Lord of Light worship, but a theory now states that this deity could well be one of the significant characters on Game of Thrones. The character being Bran Stark. Here’s what the Game of Thrones wikia has to say about the Lord of Light:

“While the Faith of the Seven believes in Seven Heavens and Seven Hells, in the Lord of Light religion the current world that everyone lives in now is considered to be ‘hell’, the only hell, but the Lord of Light will save his faithful adherents from this darkness.”

Based on the books and the show, the assumption is that Bran Stark could be the Lord of Light. Now let’s clear one thing up first: the theory suggests that Bran is the Lord of Light, not the prince that was promised aka Azor Ahai. Up until now Lady Melisandre deemed Stannis as Azor Ahai, and later Jon Snow. Since this theory focuses on Bran being R’hllor, the Lord of Light, let’s delve into it:

In season 6, Bran displayed his potential to alter the past during the Tower of Joy scene where it was apparent that Ned heard Bran, and later on during Hodor’s death while trying to restrain the Wights from attacking Bran. At this point Bran had already previously been marked by the Night’s King in one of his visions, and had been seen by Hodor’s younger version in the vision, which means that Bran can not only see the past, but also project himself or be present there with the capability of altering events. Hodor’s seizure and death is a proof of that.

This is supported by the fact that according to the books, the people can hear whispers from the Weirwood trees, which people usually just let go saying those are the old gods. This does not seem very concerning at the time, but if we look at the point where Ned Stark’s younger self could have heard Bran, the whispers might be coming from Bran trying to alter the past. Some of the characters like Jon Snow have heard whispers in the books, but this was not inculcated in the show, and the Mad King, who was known to hear whispers saying ‘burn them all’. This could mean that Bran was the one who messed up everything by going into the past in the first place.

The theory goes on to suggest that Bran, being the three-eyed raven was hearing these whispers through the Weirwood in the present time, and what using fire for his communication. Fire, in this case, obviously indicates The Lord of Light, who communicates with his disciples through fire. Bran could be travelling back in time through the Weirwood trees and communicating through fire, which means that he could possibly be the Lord of Light.

There is more information in detail about the whispers on a discussion on Reddit. You can look more into this theory in the video below:


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