Home News Amazon France uploads a placeholder page for The Winds of Winter

Amazon France uploads a placeholder page for The Winds of Winter

Amazon France uploads a placeholder page for The Winds of Winter

Although George R.R Martin has said nothing about the release date of his next book, The Winds of Winter from his A Song of Ice and Fire series, rumours continue to surface about the book almost everyday. As fans anticipate when the official date of The Winds of Winter will be announced, Amazon France has gotten fans’s hopes up by creating a page to reserve a place for buyers of the book. The page has also given a date of release, that is March 9th, 2017. Even though the discussions about the ISBN numbers assigned for the book by leading publishing houses, fans were already hoping for a release date announcement.

As if the hopes weren’t high enough, Amazon France’s placeholder page has made it even more difficult to tone down any rumours surrounding the release of The Winds of Winter. But to make matters clear, Amazon regularly makes pages for upcoming books even without an official announcement, though it has nearly no basis for the same. Other Amazon sites like that of UK, US and Germany have not put up any such pages, so we can’t really rely on what Amazon France has done. The placeholder page being around 9th March, 2017, does make sense if the book were to be sent to the publishers by the end of 2016.

However, since George R.R Martin has not announced anything regarding his next book of ASOIF, rumours of this sort are not to be based on anything. Even though Amazon France is ahead of its game, based on Martin’s updates, we can hardly base the argument.


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