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Game of Thrones fans predict whom Jim Broadbent would be playing on the show

Game of Thrones fans predict whom Jim Broadbent would be playing on the show


Game of Thrones fans, particularly book fans, have met more characters from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire than anyone else. And though we might not be able to remember some of them, when casting for the show begins and there are guesses to pick, Game of Thrones knowledge comes spewing all at once. Since it was revealed that actor Jim Broadbent has been cast for a significant role for season 7, fans had all been wondering what significant character it could be.

Fans on Reddit wasted no time in guessing that Jim could be playing the character of Marwyn the Mage. Marwyn the Mage is an archmaester in A Song of Ice and Fire series, a high-ranking leader of the Citadel, and whom Samwell Tarly meets after he arrives at the library in Old Town. The interesting thing about Marwyn is that he’s delved more into magic than any other maester, and has some deep connections with the supernatural. Marwyn has travelled the world, spent many years across the Narrow Sea, and he’s the one who taught Mirri Maz Duur (the priestess who uses blood magic to betray Daenerys and is burnt on the pyre with Khal Drogo in season 1) the secrets of the human anatomy.

The last time Marwyn was seen in the books, he was leaving in search of Daenerys, and it surely would be interesting to see how he’s going to be portrayed by Jim Broadbent if he is really going to be cast as Marwyn on the show. It could also be a new character since the books are behind the show now, but the guess seems to be quite accurate. Let us know what you think about this theory in the comments.


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