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New Game of Thrones season 7 locations in Spain confirmed!

New Game of Thrones season 7 locations in Spain confirmed!

News about Game of Thrones season 7 is always delightful for us fans no matter how small it is, and after we reported that the casting for season 7 is underway with teens and children required, we’ve come with some new information for you! New locations for the next season have been announced and those are going to be in Spain, at Zumaia and Bermeo respectively. These cities will be the prime locations for the filming of season 7, and according to what the recent press conference reveals, filming will begin on October 26th in Zumaia. This includes six days of filming and additional weeks of pre-production.

Baleike.eus has confirmed that Zumaia’s Itzurun beach will be where the filming begins, and Mayor of the city, Oier Korta, revealed that the pre-production stages will begin in August. Since the shooting will start a bit later than usual due to weather conditions, the preliminary work will also begin a bit late.

EITB tells us that the Bermeo filming will begin in late October, on the shore of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. It has been confirmed that the filming equipment will arrive in Bermeo soon, which is why this announcement had to be made, and that only one location is being used in Bermeo for the filming, which will consist of approximately 400 people. Aside from the glaring details of these two locations in Spain, there are more such places that have been confirmed for the filming of season 7.

Malpartida and Cáceres are two other cities where the filming will start in November following Zumaia and Bermeo. Malpartida is the city that hosts the castle of Los Barruecos, which will be a major filming location for the next season. Another exciting location of Spain for season 7 is  Santiponce, located in Seville, and the ancient ruins of Italica will also be used for filming.

We can’t be sure what locations in Game of Thrones these real locations will serve as, but it can surely be said that the end result is going to be absolutely spectacular!


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