Home News Saddam Hussein’s Game of Thrones like novella to be published in English
Saddam Hussein’s Game of Thrones like novella to be published in English

Saddam Hussein’s Game of Thrones like novella to be published in English


Game of Thrones might already be wildly popular, but there are people around the world who are increasing its popularity by doing things their own way. One of those people perhaps is Saddam Hussein, the now deceased Ex-President of Iraq whose novella titled Begone Devils in another language is apparently one that has a Game of Thrones sort of plot. This novella, which has already been published in other languages is now on its way to being translated and published in English by Independent UK publishing house Hesperus.

The publishing house is keen on publishing the translated version of the Iraaqi dictator’s novella, and claim that they only publish matter that they find is interesting. However, they did express that some other authors might become unwilling to publish with Hesperus, but later clarified saying that they were politically neutral and it should not have an adverse effect on the publishing house.

The novella is apparently quite similar to Game of Thrones and another popular show called House of Cardsand with the mix of two interesting shows such as the aforementioned, the publishing house seems to think that it ought to be released in English to gain a wider audience since they think it is going to be interesting a read. Hesperus has not stated what the title of the novella will be in English, but since the publishing has been announced, it seems the title will come to be known soon enough as well.


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