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Samuel L. Jackson summarized Game of Thrones and it is hilarious!

Samuel L. Jackson summarized Game of Thrones and it is hilarious!


There are too many characters, families, houses on Game of Thrones and let’s not even get started on the number of characters who haven’t been mentioned on the show. With the innumerable things to remember when you’ve read the books and watched the show, it gets a bit difficult for some people to keep track of everything that takes place in George RR Martin’s universe. But to make our lives easier, we’ve got this new video that summarizes Game of Thrones in seven minutes with all the important details highlighted.

The major plotline of Game of Thrones with the family history and all is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, who, with his hilarious inputs about some characters will make you watch the video again and again. He also expresses all the things that we feel while watching the show, including the deepest of our emotions and shocked expressions that are brought up by the twists of the fantasy drama. He’s just as bewildered by the fact that Winter is here and nobody is ready yet, and he also gives an interesting description of Tyrion Lannister.

The video does not give any spoilers for season 6, since it has just finished airing and there are some people who haven’t caught up to it yet. So if you’re still confused about the frustrating number of things on Game of Thrones that us mere mortals can’t possibly remember, check out the video below:


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