Home Theories This Game of Thrones marriage could extend Cersei’s reign

This Game of Thrones marriage could extend Cersei’s reign

This Game of Thrones marriage could extend Cersei’s reign

The finale episode of Game of Thrones season 6 gave Cersei Lannister the Iron Throne, something that a large number of people in Westeros are after. Cersei’s ascension to gain control of the Seven Kingdoms was unexpected yet completely awesome, but the fact that she’s got next to nothing that will save her from the impending army of Daenerys Targaryen on the gates of King’s Landing is apparent enough to let us know that she can’t survive for long. Cersei’s reign seems to be short considering the fact that Daenerys Targaryen has a huge army, three ferocious dragons: one of whom could rip the Lannister queen apart with his bare teeth in a moment’s time, and strong alliances to help the Mother of Dragons gain the Iron Throne.

With all of this doom lingering about Cersei’s power, we can’t help but think that she won’t last long enough, but if she was to ally with one of the recently introduced power hungry characters on the show, she might just become stronger. As we all are aware that Euron Greyjoy (who has just stolen the Iron Islands from Yara Greyjoy after the death of Balon Greyjoy) is building a thousand ships so he can offer them to Dany and marry her, ultimately letting him rule the Seven Kingdoms. However, Dany has decided to support Yara’s claim to the Iron Islands and there is no way she’s going to marry Euron. As a Redditor points out, this could mean that he ends up offering his support to Cersei, who needs it now more than ever, and with a thousand ships and the Lannister army backing her, she could very well fight Dany and her forces.

This is what the Redditor wrote: “I think it would make sense if Cersei allies herself with Euron Greyjoy through marriage. Euron has already made it abundantly clear that he wants to marry into the crown, and Dany has made it clear that she’s going to back Yara’s claim to the Iron Islands. Cersei needs more troops if she is ever going to have a hope of defeating Dany, and Euron is the only source left in Westeros with enough troops to make a difference…Although Euron did set out to build those 1000 ships for Dany, I could see him pivoting fairly easy to team Cersei now that she’s queen and he has no other figure to back. This would mean that Cersei not only has the biggest Navy in Westeros to defend the Blackwater from Dany, but she would also have the backing of the Lannister Army and the White Cloaks.” 

There is still a chance that Cersei doesn’t go through with this supposed marriage considering the fact that she’s against political alliances of such nature, and her love for her twin brother Jaime. Do you think Cersei would go ahead with a marriage to Euron if the opportunity presents itself? Tell us in the comments.


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