Home Theories This Game of Thrones theory shows Lord Varys might have planned everything since the beginning
This Game of Thrones theory shows Lord Varys might have planned everything since the beginning

This Game of Thrones theory shows Lord Varys might have planned everything since the beginning


We’ve all known Lord Varys to be master of the game on Game of Thrones, and the Spider can account for a lot of events that happened in the show. He’s not a friend, neither is he a foe, and anyone who trusts him knows that there is always a catch. Tyrion Lannister has been proof of that, since Varys and Tyrion have shared a lot of moments where it was clear that those two could bring about some serious changes in Westeros or wherever else they went. He can be deviously useful most of the times, and everyone doubts his actions at least once, and now that Varys is doing everything in his power to push Daenerys Targaryen on the right track to Westeros so she can rule, a lot of people wondered what his ulterior motive was.

In season 6, we saw Varys and Tyrion help Dany rule, and Varys even went to gather allies for her so she could get even larger forces to help her reach her goal. But what if we told you that almost everything that has occurred on Game of Thrones so far was all Varys’s doing? Don’t believe it, check out this awesome theory going around on Reddit that shows Varys in a different light. It says that Varys might have had a hand in Tyrion’s trial as well, which led him to Dany so she could eventually be escorted to Westeros.

Game of Thrones Varys Theory


It does seem to fit the puzzle since Tyrion proved to be capable of being Hand of the King, so he could very well help out Dany, and when Varys’s plan of getting Tyrion to Pentos through Shae didn’t work, he cooked up the whole trial so that he could conveniently lead Tyrion to Pentos.



All of the events after Tyrion’s escape from King’s Landing seem to have made it easier for Dany to gain what she wants. Tywin is out of the way, and Cersei’s family is destroyed (she’s even wiped out her remaining chunk of Wildfire), and there is hardly anything stopping Dany from conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Everything feels just too convenient on Varys’s side.





What we can conclude from this is that Varys might just be the one playing the real Game of Thrones on the show, and that he’s got everyone in his pocket enough to lead the rightful ruler Dany to Westeros at last. What do you think of this theory? Tell us in the comments.


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