Home Theories This potential Game of Thrones marriage could set the course for the end of the series

This potential Game of Thrones marriage could set the course for the end of the series

This potential Game of Thrones marriage could set the course for the end of the series

The finale episode of Game of Thrones season 6, The Winds of Winter, set the stage for season 7, where new plots will begin to emerge and we’ll see something that will form the end of the show. Theories, just like they always do, will begin to float around and some of them might even come true. One of the theories we think might make it to season 7 is of a marriage between two Targaryens. Before we delve into that, let’s take a recap to when Daenerys began her journey to Westeros at the end of the episode. We saw her set sail to gain what she’s been seeking since the start of the show, and another important revelation in the episode was that of Jon Snow‘s lineage. We finally found out who his parents are, and that the R+L=J theory has come true at last. Jon is also a Targaryen since he’s the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, and he’s just as strong a contender to the Iron Throne as Daenerys.

Many fans believe that Jon and Dany will come face to face in the next season, and they might form an alliance to fight against Cersei Lannister who has taken the throne after her infamous Wildfire explosion in King’s Landing. Fans think that the true meaning behind ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ will be revealed were Dany and Jon to meet, and some even think that they might end up getting married.

Incest is not something unusual on Game of Thrones, despite some people being against that when it was Cersei and Jaime. However, incest between Targaryens was hardly that uncommon and people openly accepted it. The Targaryens have wed brother and sister for centuries, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Dany chose to marry Jon. The incest would be strong with this one seeing Jon is actually Dany’s nephew since Rhaegar was her brother, but it would only mean that the Targaryen bloodline would remain pure, which is what the ancestors wanted anyway. The twist in the tale comes when we think back to the fact that Jon and Dany both have been declared as the ‘prince who was promised’, or more commonly known as Azor Ahai, who will wield the sword, Lightbringer and chase the darkness away from the world. Jon was declared the prince who was promised by the Red Priestess Melisandre, while Dany was declared to be the same by another priestess named Kinvara.

There can only be one prince who was promised (or so we think), and for that to happen either one of these two will have to die. The legendĀ about Azor Ahai states that the warrior was forced to kill his wife with the sword for it to become Lightbringer in its true form. Fans seem to think that if Dany and Jon were to get married, one of them would have to kill the other in order to be the one who defeats the White Walkers i.e ‘the darkness’, and bring peace to Westeros at last. The sword, however, is yet to appear on the show since Stannis Baratheon’s sword that was dubbed Lightbringer by Melisandre turned out to be false.

The fact that the prophecy talks about the ‘prince’, most people believe that it will be Jon, and not Dany, but a book-fan would know that as Maester Aemon once said, ‘prince’ is a gender-neutral word inĀ High Valyrian. So this could well mean that it’s either Dany or Jon, and we can’t fixate the prophecy on one of them until we’ve seen what will really happen in the next season or book, when it comes out.


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