Home Editorial Here’s why Daenerys has already reached Westeros or is very close to it

Here’s why Daenerys has already reached Westeros or is very close to it

Here’s why Daenerys has already reached Westeros or is very close to it

Game of Thrones season 6 finale was one amazing episode and easily the best season finale we have seen in Game of Thrones so far. We finally got the confirmation that our theories about Jon Snow were correct, Arya returned to Westeros and avenged the death of her her family during the Red Wedding, Cersei took things into her hand and made sure that the High Sparrow and his people died in the Wildfire explosion but it had some unexpected consequences like the death of her son Tommen Baratheon. Across the Narrow Sea Daenerys finally sailed for Westeros and the fans were happy as everyone was wondering all these season why she was wasting her time in Essos.

In the episode we saw Daenerys breaking the sad news to Daario Naharis that he wouldn’t be able to join her on the journey to Westeros and we bid him goodbye in the episode and before she sailed for Westeros, she made Tyrion the Hand of the Queen, which was a very emotional moment. While all this was happening in Meereen, Lord Varys was busy in Westeros making alliances, so that when Daenerys reaches Westeros, she has the backing of some of the major houses in Westeros, which is extremely important. In the 8th episode of the season we had seen Lord Varys leave Meereen as he was going on a top secret mission and now we know what the mission was.

Varys reached Dorne and managed to secure an alliance with the Martells and the Tyrells, which is very important as now Daenerys has the backing of two big houses in Westeros and also the 100 odd ships that the Greyjoy siblings brought to Meereen with them. The episode ended with a Daenerys and her ships sailing for Westeros and on one of the ship we saw Daenerys along with Tyrion, Missandei, Grey Worm and Varys. The moment people saw this scene, everyone (including me) started wondering how could Varys travel from Dorne to Meereen before the episode ended. Meereen is halfway across the world and it simply is impossible to travel so fast to Meereen to be with Daenerys and friends when they left for Westeros.

However, on watching the scene again, things became clear about Varys’ journey. Varys “did not” go back to Meereen. It’s Daenerys who has come to Westeros. While watching the episode, we believe that all the events are occurring simultaneously. That’s why after watching the scene in which Cersei’s coronation happened, when we saw Daenerys sailing for Westeros, we believed that even this was happening at the same time but that’s not the case. Clearly the scene with Daenerys takes place weeks or months after the scene in which she makes Tyrion the Hand of the Queen. How do we know this? Take a look at these photos from the episode.

Here's why Daenerys has already reached Westeros or is very close to it

Here's why Daenerys has already reached Westeros or is very close to it

Now it makes no sense for the Tyrells and Martells to take their ships all the way to Meereen and then again come back to Westeros. Naturally they will join Daenerys and her fleet on the way to King’s Landing. As Daenerys is planning to take the Iron Throne, we assume that she’s heading to King’s Landing. Here’s a map and this will give us a better idea where Daenerys might be at the moment.

Here's why Daenerys has already reached Westeros or is very close to it

We have shown the place where Daenerys and her fleet might be in the last scene of the season using a Red dot. This also explains how Lord Varys was able to be with her so quickly. He only had to travel from Sunspear to the Red dot that we have shown in the above photo. So all the jokes about Varys having a teleportation device don’t make any sense now.

More importantly, the Dragon Queen has finally arrived in Westeros!


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