Home Media Watch how Game of Thrones filmed the epic Battle of the Bastards

Watch how Game of Thrones filmed the epic Battle of the Bastards

Watch how Game of Thrones filmed the epic Battle of the Bastards

The Battle of the Bastards was a battle of epic proportions and it left the fans stunned! Game of Thrones fans were left gasping for breath as they watched Ramsay gain the upper hand in the battle and almost defeat Jon Snow and his army with a better battle strategy. We admit that he didn’t play fair but as they say, “Anything is fair in love and war,” and Ramsay made sure that he used Rickon Stark as a bait to lure Jon Snow into his trap and break apart his battle strategy. Everything seemed to be lost, when Petyr Baelish appeared with the forces of the Vale of Arryn and they crushed Ramsay’s army in a spectacular style.

For the most part of the episode, Ramsay had the upper hand but the smirk on his face was wiped away with the arrival of the army of the Vale and he had to hastily retreat inside the walls of Winterfell. However, even that didn’t help him and Wun Wun gave his life to make sure that Winterfell was captured and Ramsay met his end in a poetic way, when his own hounds tore him apart and ate him.

The episode was a bloodbath and the fans just couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. The episode was directed by Miguel Sapochnik, the same guy who gave us the Hardhome episode and he sure did deliver in a spectacular way. The episode was the costliest one till date and it required an eye-popping number of resources for shooting.  At the time of writing this post, the episode has received more than 53,000 ratings on IMDb and all of them are 10/10 and that tells you how much the fans loved the episode. After the episode aired, HBO posted a behind the scenes video of the Battle of the Bastards in which we get a glimpse into the making of the episode. Enjoy the video below and relive the Battle of the Bastards


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