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Ian McShane and Rory McCann talk about resurrecting The Hound

Ian McShane and Rory McCann talk about resurrecting The Hound

Ever since the title for Game of Thrones season 6 episode 7 was revealed fans were excited as they felt that the title, The Broken Man pointed in the direction of The Hound and the fans were proven right when the episode aired. HBO didn’t waste even a second and we were directly taken to a place in Westeros where we met the resurrected Hound. Things seemed different now as the Hound appeared to be a changed person. He was working with a person named Ray, who was associated with the Faith and he was the person who rescued Sandor Clegane.

In a behind the scene clip released by HBO, Rory McCann and Ian McShane talk about resurrecting the Hound. While talking about his character’s comeback to the show, Rory McCann had the following to say:

The Hound’s just left there on his own, on the mountains. That might be a bit of shock because you know all thought he was dead. Then I am sure there will be a few there going ‘I knew it, I knew it’. You know Hound’s quite hard to kill.

Ian McShane added that his character played the catalyst that brought about the change in the Hound. He went on to add that Ray believes that there’s always someone above us and we are not on top of the food chain and a person should have some humility. It these thoughts that Ray tries to imbibe in the Hound. How much has Ray affected the Hounds way of thinking is not known at the moment but we are definitely going to see a lot of him in the coming episodes. Take a look at the video below.


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