Home Media David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talk about Game of Thrones episode 7 ‘The Broken Man’

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talk about Game of Thrones episode 7 ‘The Broken Man’

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talk about Game of Thrones episode 7 ‘The Broken Man’

If you’ve seen Game of Thrones season 6 episode 7, The Broken Man you’ll know that it started off differently than the other episodes of Game of Thrones do. The title of the episode, ‘The Broken Man‘ is revealed right at the start, where we see the Hound carrying a wooden log in a far off land that consists of hardly thirty to forty people. As we take in our initial shock of one of the old characters returning to the show, the rest of the plot begins to thicken.

On it’s YouTube channel, Game of Thrones released a video where the showrunners discuss the important plot points of the episode, like they have done for the previous episodes so far. The video starts with David Benioff talking about the revelation of The Hound and how he is saved by a man called Ray, who is played by Ian Mcshane. Benioff talks about how Sandor Clegane, after having had a near death experience gets up on his feet and begins a new life, only to be thrown into his violent world again after Ray and his people get killed. Weiss then says that it is quite a character developing scene for Clegane.

We then move on to the part where ex Lord Commander Jon Snow is seen trying to convince the wildlings to join the fight against the Boltons. Weiss then reveals how Jon, although having grown up in a castle, knows the kind of ‘plain talk‘ the wildlings would understand so as to get them on his side. And though he manages to convince the wildlings, he faces quite a challenge when meeting with Lady Lyanna Mormont(who is mentioned once before by Stannis at Castle Black) the Lady of Bear Island, a young but tough person to deal with. Weiss talks about how interesting the scene is to watch as Sansa, Ser Davos and Jon try to convince Lady Mormont to form an alliance with them.

The next important scene comes when Yara Greyjoy tries to reason with her brother Theon, whom she says to have lost somewhere after all the things he’s been through. Benioff, when talking about Yara, says that she is the only one who has ever been there for Theon, and that the ‘tough love’ she gives him to bring him out of his weak exterior is a testament to how much she cares for her brother. The way she forces him out of his shell, and when he finally looks up we see a glimpse of the old Theon in his eyes, only goes on to show that this tough love was probably what he needed as they are, as Benioff says, ‘a Viking people’.

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