Home Theories This Game of Thrones fan theory might foreshadow Arya’s future

This Game of Thrones fan theory might foreshadow Arya’s future

This Game of Thrones fan theory might foreshadow Arya’s future

Fan theories do the rounds when the show drops some subtle hints that foreshadow future events. Fans have come up with all kinds of theories since the start of the show, and every theory seems to be more complex than the other. We’ve seen some very interesting fan theories, some of which arose from the Easter Eggs that Game of Thrones leaves in some episodes.

One such theory is about Arya, or ‘no one’, as she likes to call herself these days. The theory goes back to season 3 when Arya met the Brotherhood Without Banners and the Red Priestess Melisandre, and Arya’s first best-friend slash secret crush Gendry gets taken away from her. Being the badass that she is, Arya went ahead and had a verbal smackdown with Lady Melisandre, telling her that she is nothing but an evil witch who was going to harm Gendry, which turned out to be true since Gendry was tortured by leeches in what could possibly be the worst way possible. Don’t we all remember it?  The same scene, however, saw a reply by Melisandre where she told Arya that she could see darkness in the latter’s eyes, inevitably foreshadowing Arya’s future.

Melisandre said that she saw eyes staring back at her from within the darkness: brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, eyes that would be shut forever. Quite obviously, the alert Reddit users and ardent fans wasted no time in revealing that Arya’s future about being a faceless assassin of the likes of her handsome yet deadly teacher Jaquen H’ghar might have been foreshadowed by Melisandre. Arya, has, in fact, shut the brown eyes of Ser Meryn Trant and Polliver.

Game of Thrones theory foreshadows Arya's future

It would appear that we can’t really rely on that theory since only brown eyes have been shut as of now, and  that Arya seems to be giving up on her identity as no one(or does that mean no identity at all?) and going back to being the daughter of Ned Stark.

Reddit user Rose_Killed_Jack seems to suggest that the other eye colours that were specified could be the approaching dangers, or the dangers that Arya is supposedly going to approach herself like the Waif and Cersei Lannister. The most immediate threat is that of the Waif, who is blue of eyes, which might be very rewarding for us since hardly anyone is a Waif fan. So if Arya shuts those blue eyes forever then we’d only be grateful. As far as green eyes are concerned, our beloved Queen Regent Cersei seems to fit the bill, and assuming Arya embarks upon her journey to Westeros, she might just end up slaying the Kingslayer’s lover/sister. But as it is quite a vague presumtion at this point in the show when things aren’t exactly clear, and that Cersei has too many enemies for Arya to be her killer, it can’t be said for sure. However this theory does seem to be a plausible one given the circumstances. So we can only hope that Arya Stark-turned-‘no one’-turned Arya Stark again, sticks the Lannister Queen with the pointy end.

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