Home General A Game of Thrones fan noticed an interesting detail about Jon Snow’s name

A Game of Thrones fan noticed an interesting detail about Jon Snow’s name

A Game of Thrones fan noticed an interesting detail about Jon Snow’s name

Game of Thrones, as we’ve noticed from time to time, is no simple show. The show has been based on George R. R. Martin‘s work, which is detailed, and has a lot of clues, foreshadowing, and Easter eggs which you might overlook on the first read. A Game of Thrones fan has now noticed an amazing Easter egg with regards to Jon Snow‘s name. Read on!

Now, when we’re talking about Jon’s name, we mean the name that Ned Stark gave to him, not his actual name. As we recently learned, Jon Snow is actually a legitimate Targaryen, born of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, making him Ned Stark’s nephew. Ned however, raised him as his own son, and this sets the basis for this observation. The observation was posted to Reddit by user duh_metrius, and it talks about the correlation between Ned Stark naming his children. Read the full post, below :

“I know this has probably already occurred to everybody, but I was thinking about how Ned named his three sons after people who were close to him. Robb is named after Robert Baratheon, Bran is named after Ned’s brother Brandon, and Rickon is named after Ned’s father. But then I remembered that Jon is named after Jon Arryn, the man who wasn’t Ned’s father, but raised him like a son. That’s a really beautiful detail.

Edit: Glad so many people enjoyed this! Just want to clarify: I’ve always known Jon was named after Jon Arryn; it’s the parallel in the relationships that dawned on me today.”

Now, before you say it, we have known that Jon Snow was named after Jon Arryn, but this insight makes the whole detail better. George R. R. Martin gets all credit for this, and Redditor jlynn00 pointed out in the comments, how much of an effort George put into the names :

“If you think about it, GRRM had to put in quite a bit of effort for the names, even for characters we never see. Bran is likely named after Ned’s brother Brandon, but Bran also means Raven in Welsh. He had to think that specifically on a broad scale.”

Really makes you think. What do you think about this? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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