Home Interview Issac Hempstead-Wright wants the Night King theory to be true

Issac Hempstead-Wright wants the Night King theory to be true

Issac Hempstead-Wright wants the Night King theory to be true

Game of Thrones Season 7 ended this Sunday with ‘The Dragon and the Wolf.’ Towards the end, we saw Bran Stark a.k.a. the Three Eyed Raven discover that Jon is actually a legitimate Targaryen, with Samwell Tarly‘s help. We’ve seen his character be really unlike his old self, the whole season. There are a lot of theories about Bran, and speculation that he’s the most important character on the show. In a recent interview with Esquire, Issac Hempstead-Wright, who plays the role of Bran Stark, talked about Bran’s transformation, the theory that he could be the Night King, and more. Read on!

Speaking of the scene with Samwell Tarly, Issac said :

“For that scene, it was Bran discovering something, and it’s not that he can’t become excited about things anymore. He can think, “Ah, this is an interesting discovery in the history of Westeros—this is cool.” In the same way that when he gets to Winterfell, things seem pretty boring there. He’s well beyond a high-functioning genius”

“He literally knows the history of the universe. He gets there and it’s like, “Oh, I don’t have much to do here. We have this great big war coming and I’m just sitting here.” So it’s exciting for Bran when this other character comes along, who can learn things and teach him things.”

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He talked about how Bran is still learning things, so he’s not really holding anything back on purpose. He had a great analogy to explain that :

“Bran has his Kindle library of every single thing that’s happened, but he hasn’t gotten time to read it all yet.”

Speaking about the theory which says that Bran Stark is the Night King, Issac said :

“That theory has really blown up in the last few weeks. I saw someone tweeting pictures of me and the Night King together and were like, “Yep. That’s him. Definitive proof!” I was like we don’t look that much alike. I saw someone photoshop the Night King’s buckle onto Bran and say, “Yep it’s him!” I think the cool thing now about this being the last season is that the theories that everyone has are going to tie up.”

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“If anyone has had any theory about any of the characters who are still alive will probably get answered now. I personally think the Night King theory is a bit far-fetched, but I would have said the same thing about the Hodor theory. And when I saw that on paper, I was like, “What! No way!” But this is Game of Thrones, and anything is possible. I’d love to be the Night King. That would be so fun to be like, “It was me all along.” But I don’t know—I doubt it.”

Lastly, he spoke about how Bran’s transformation has been :

“For most of Game of Thrones I had just been playing myself. Bran is like me in more extraordinary circumstances—like that time in the cave when he’s just a teenager who goes into a vision on his own. This time I had to develop a whole new character, and it was really, really fun. I really tried to imagine—in any scene, I was thinking about something else or imagining what was going on elsewhere. Because that’s really how Bran is: He’s got all these timelines diverging at the center of it is his head. It’s a pretty crazy thing to experience.”

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What do you think will happen to Bran Stark next season? Will he be the savior? Or will he be revealed to be the Night King? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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