Home Interview Director of The Spoils of War, Matt Shakman won’t be returning for Game of Thrones season 8

Director of The Spoils of War, Matt Shakman won’t be returning for Game of Thrones season 8

Director of The Spoils of War, Matt Shakman won’t be returning for Game of Thrones season 8

Game of Thrones Season 7 has been having a brilliant run, and with four episodes in till now, it is definitely turning out to be worth the wait. The last episode, titled ‘The Spoils of War‘, was the best in the season till date. Coming from director Matt Shakman, it had a great balance of emotion and action, and the climax was one of the best ones in the show yet. In a new interview with Inverse, Matt talked about making the episode, and revealed that he will not be returning as a director for Season 8. Read on!

First off, he discussed how he kept the balance that made the episode truly great :

“[I began with] focusing the story and figuring out whose point of view I wanted to prioritize. I ended up picking Jaime and Bronn to describe what it was like being on the ground when the war changes forever, to see the shift from traditional fighting to what a dragon brings — introducing napalm or an atom bomb into the fighting.

We definitely need Daenerys’s point of view in the battle, but I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t the same as the battle in Meereen, where we see her burning the slavers and their ships from up above, and that’s a purely heroic moment. In this one, we wanted to see someone who saw all of her allies decimated and was finally taking action. She’s finally doing what she’s come to Westeros to do. That point of view was important, but I wanted to keep it focused more on what it was like to be on the receiving end of that fire and blood.”

He went on to talk about the references he used to plan out the episode :

“The moment where Jaime takes in the horror of the battlefield, and the sound kind of drops away, is meant to be a loving homage to Saving Private Ryan, when Tom Hanks kind of takes in the beach around him – the men on fire, the people dying left and right. In this ultimate chaos Jaime finally has a second to look around and take stock of how badly things are going and the situation that he’s in. That’s right before the dragon comes and carbonizes the men near him, turning them to ash.”

He discussed how episode Hardhome was amazing, and that he studied Miguel Sapochnik‘s work on it quite a bit. He also studied Battle of the Bastards, and the movie, Apocalypse Now, and it’s brilliant use of smoke from which he drew inspiration. In the end, he revealed that he will not be returning to direct any of Season 8 :

“Before I started I went to lunch with David Nutter, who is another director who has done some incredible work on the show. He said, “You’re about to be given the keys to the best Ferrari in the world; all they want you to do is put the pedal to the metal.” I took those words to heart.”

Well, we would have definitely loved to see more of his work on Game of Thrones. What about you? Tell us in the comments, down below!


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