Home News Game of Thrones director shot down a fan theory regarding the Pink Letter

Game of Thrones director shot down a fan theory regarding the Pink Letter

Game of Thrones director shot down a fan theory regarding the Pink Letter

Game of Thrones is one show where fans just cannot stop speculating and scrutinizing every single thing that happens on the show. The latest Game of Thrones saw Daenerys toasting everyone in her way. It also saw Sansa reaching Castle Black and meeting Jon. Now this is what the post is talking about. When Sansa reaches Castle Black, a letter (from a Bolton Rider and Bolton’s flayed man sigil) also reaches castle black. Jon reads the letter and the content sounds very Ramsay-ish. But there are many fans out there who thought that the letter was not actually written by Ramsay.

Some of them thought that Sansa wrote the letter to spark the tension so that Jon helps her reclaiming Winterfell. While some thought it was Littlefinger trying to gain a foothold in the North through these acts.

But Dan Sackheim confirmed that there should not be any ambiguity regarding the letter and said that, “This I can tell you without any concern [of spoilers]. That letter was written by Ramsay. It’s the ignition, or trigger, in terms of them going through the process of taking Winterfell back. How they’re going to take Winterfell back, I can’t say. But it’s the beginning of that process.”

There were different logics behind different theories. For example, it could be possible that Sansa wrote the letter to ignite feelings of revenge in Jon (Which is kind of legit). Or Littlefinger could write it because he loves power and after becoming the Lord of Harrenhal and having the Vale under his control, he might want to focus his attention towards the North sensing the unstable situation over there.

But well, now the speculations will end, about the letter at least.


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