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Fan theory suggests how Ramsay Bolton will die

Fan theory suggests how Ramsay Bolton will die

Ramsay Bolton is the only guy on the planet who makes Joffrey Baratheon look like the good one out of the two. He has done so much to the Starks and then his own family that he is literally the worst person on the show. Now that Jon Snow is back from the dead, fans have a theory about how he will have a role to play for despicable Ramsay’s death.

Ramsay is planning to go to Castle Black and take Sansa back who is now with Jon, Brienne and Podrick in Castle Black. Castle Black is like Jon’s home and Ramsay has done vile, disturbing things to Jon’s family. None of us have forgotten the Red Wedding. How the Boltons were the reason for Catelyn’s, Robb’s and Talisa’s death, it was a sight so disturbing that it’s still etched in viewers’ minds. He has further done terrible things to Sansa and now the youngest Stark, Rickon is held captive with Boltons. Fans have to say that Rickon will be the reason for Ramsay’s downfall.

This is because the house which brought Rickon to Ramsay, House Umber has been loyal to the Starks since ages and though they said they would want an alliance with Boltons, Umbers did not pledge loyalty to Boltons. In fact, Smalljon Umber who brought Rickon to Ramsay as a gift, refused to kneel down in front of Ramsay. Now fans have assumed that Umbers are still loyal to the Starks, it is very much possible that Umbers and Jon with other wildlings and brothers of the night’s watch will take Winterfell back from Boltons. Also, Petyr Baelish has ensured that the Vale is going to support Sansa Stark and Ramsay is going to have a tough time once they join the battle.

Though no one has approved or spoken about this theory from the cast or the team, we still hope it’s true. Take a look at the detailed theory by Redditor DanDampspear.

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