Home Editorial Here’s why Tormund and Brienne should get together

Here’s why Tormund and Brienne should get together

Here’s why Tormund and Brienne should get together

Since Season 6 Episode 4, ‘Book of the Stranger‘, there have been all sorts of memes floating around the Internet about that look between Brienne the Beauty and Tormund, our favourite wildling. I agree, it’s still a better love story than Twilight. But here’s why I think that they actually will make a great couple.

If you remember, there’s been a number of connections between Brienne and a bear throughout the series. Season 3 Episode 8, ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair‘ saw Brienne left to fight for her life against a bear in a brutal public display of humiliation from Locke, Roose Bolton’s nasty bannerman. In this scene, Brienne is dressed in a pink dress, intentionally mocking her femininity in reference to the popular song ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’, that we heard Locke and his men singing together while transporting Jaime and Brienne to Harranhal.

Here's why Tormund and Brienne should get together

But actually, at least as far as Brienne is concerned, she has more in common with the bear than the fair maid. She has referred to herself as a ‘beast’, such as in the scene when she confides to Podrick about her past with Renly in Season 5 Episode 3. ‘I realised I was the ugliest girl alive – a great, lumbering beast‘. If you’re still not convinced about Brienne’s similarities with a bear, think of her kick-ass fighting scenes – she physically roars when she delivers the killer blows.

Now we know that the idea of intimate relations with a bear is right up Tormund‘s street. We’ve heard him tell Ygritte and the other wildlings waiting south of the Wall for the signal to attack all about his night to remember with ‘no ordinary beast’. His story is just a little bit farfetched, so no-one’s convinced that he actually managed to seduce a bear. But the thought is one that clearly appeals to him, if only to leave him with a good story to tell…

We’ve been led to assume that Brienne is a virgin, based on her strong sense of honour, the men who have mocked her all her life, plus Jaime Lannister’s attempts to make her angry by taunting her. Take Season 2, Episode 10 as an example. Jaime says, ‘Some boys like a challenge. One or two must have tried to get inside Big Brienne,’ to which Brienne replies, ‘One or two tried‘. Jaime continues to taunt her with: ‘Maybe you wished one of them could overpower you, fling you down, tear off your clothes; but none of them were strong enough‘. Well Brienne, I think we’ve found someone strong enough….

Is it time for another romance between an honourable Westerosi with noble blood, and a redheaded wildling? Let’s hope so: after all, both could use a little happiness before the Walkers come and kill them all.


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